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Research seminars 2014 - 2015

22 April 2015 Speaker: Prof Denis Feeney (Princeton)
Fiction and tradition in Livy’s history of early Rome
17 April 2015 Speaker: Matthew Wright (Exeter)
Comic wisdom: maxims and quotation culture in Greek comedy
10 April 2015 Speaker: Carlos Machado (St Andrews)
Giving in the name of God: Roman aristocrats and the economics of salvation
03 April 2015 Speaker: Simon Malloch (Nottingham)
‘Outdated incivilities’: Hugh Trevor-Roper and classical studies
13 March 2015 Speaker: Andrew Wilson (Oxford)
Water, nymphs and a palm grove: The so-called “South Agora” at Aphrodisias
10 March 2015 Speaker: Nancy Worman (Columbia)
The sibling hand: affective proximities in Sophocles and Euripedes
06 March 2015 Speaker: Emma Bridges (OU)
Penelope: a model “military wife”?
Please note this week  the seminar will take place in room S4.
27 February 2015 Speaker: Olivier Hekster (Nijmegen)
Augustus and the constraints of tradition
25 February 2015 Speaker: Ioannis Ziogas (ANU)
The letter of the law: Ovid’s Acontius and Cydippe
Starts at 2pm
24 February 2015 Speaker: Crystal Addey (St Andrews)
Plato’s Women Readers 
Hosted by the Scottish-Hellenic Society of St Andrews17:30 in S11
20 February 2015 Speaker: Barbara Sattler (St Andrews)
Time and temporal things
13 February 2015 Speaker: Kleanthis Mantzouranis (St Andrews)
Redefining Greatness: Thinking big, Virtue, and Happiness in Aristotle’s megalopsychia
06 February 2015 Speaker: Kathryn Stevens (Durham)
Hellenistic localism: cross-cultural coincidence or imperial phenomenon?
30 January 2015 Speaker: Jennifer Ingleheart (Durham)
‘In decent Latin’: an obscene Latin dialogue
28 November 2014 Speaker: Jeremy Armstrong (Auckland)
Paying the price of Empire: Warfare and the Economy in the Middle Republic
21 November 2014 Speaker: Lilah Canevaro (Edinburgh)
On the Edge: Objects and Liminality in Homer
14 November 2014 Speaker: Alison Sharrock (Manchester)
The Playwright as Slave: Roman comedy between poetics and politics
Please note the location for this seminar is now School V.
07 November 2014 Speaker: Neville Morley (Bristol)
“The most politic historiographer”: Thucydides in modern political theory
31 October 2014 Speaker: Luke Lavan (Kent)
The Late Antique City: Change or Decline?
24 October 2014 Speaker: Tomasz Mróz (University of Zielona Góra and CEPPA)
‘Scottish-Polish Cooperation on Plato at the turn of 19th and 20th Centuries’
17 October 2014 Speaker: David Creese (Newcastle)
‘The highest and most marvellous of the senses’:  Ptolemy on sight, hearing and scientific instruments
10 October 2014 Speaker: Michael Squire (KCL)
Homer and the ekphrasists: The Elder Philostratus’s Scamander (Imagines I.1)
03 October 2014 Speaker: Peter Thonemann (Oxford)
Croesus and the oracles: new evidence
26 September 2014 Speaker: Patrick Finglass (Nottingham)
Pitying Oedipus
19 September 2014 Speaker: Peter Van Nuffelen (Ghent)
Writing history in the reign of Constantius II

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