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Research seminars 2013 - 2014

03 June 2014 Speaker: Christopher Faraone (Chicago)
The Materiality of Ancient Mediterranean Voodoo Dolls: Animals-as-Effigies and Man-Made Images
23 April 2014 Speaker: Josh Ober (Stanford)
The (economic) rise and (political) fall of classical Greece
18 April 2014 Speaker: Sian Lewis: (St Andrews)
Some approaches to the study of animals in antiquity
16 April 2014 Speaker: Barbara Burrell (Cincinnati)
The Promontory Palace at Caesarea Maritima
11 April 2014 Speaker: Dunstan Lowe (Kent)
Byzantine Influences on the Legend of Virgil the Magician
04 April 2014 Speaker: Victoria Moul (KCL)
How Statian are Seventeenth Century Silvae?
02 April 2014 Speaker: David Konstan (NYU)
Beauty and Desire, or When did Aesthetics Go Astray?
14 March 2014 Speaker: Thomas Schmitz (Bonn)
"Pyrenaean mountains and deep-valleyed Alps": geography and empire in the Garland of Philip
07 March 2014 Speaker: Verity Platt (Cornell)
Writing Between 'The Lines': Narratives of Making in Pliny's Natural History
28 February 2014 Speaker: Mark Bradley (Nottingham)
Roman noses
21 February 2014 Speaker: Andrew Gregory (UCL)
Presocratic natural science: some opportunities
14 February 2014 Speaker: Mirko Canevaro (Edinburgh)
The Development of Legislative Procedures in Ancient Athens: 250 Years of nomothesia
Please note the location has changed to School V St Salvator's Quad.
07 February 2014 Speaker: Rebecca Sweetman (St Andrews)
Insular Cyclades? Networks and islands in the Roman Empire
31 January 2014 Speaker: Renaud Gagné (Cambridge)
Piety and Disaster: the Anathemata of Fallen Dynasts
03 December 2013 Speaker: Margaret Alexiou (Harvard)
'The Sweetness of Tears in Greek and Scottish Music'
Please contact Nikoletta Manioti with any queries. Funded jointly by the School of Classics and the Scottish Hellenic Society.
29 November 2013 Speaker: Shane Butler (Bristol)
The ancient phonograph
22 November 2013 Speaker: Yannis Varalis (University of Thessaly)
Church-building in late antique Thessalonike and its hinterland: local tradition and links with the west
15 November 2013 Speaker: Kostas Vlassopoulos (Nottingham)
Globalisation and glocalisation in the ancient world
08 November 2013 Speaker: Emily Baragwanath (University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill)
Serenade on a Blue Guitar: the character and function of speeches in Xenophon
01 November 2013 Speaker: Michael Scott (Warwick)
Final moments: understanding depictions of drowning in the Graeco-Roman world
25 October 2013 Speaker: Gail Trimble (Trinity College, Oxford)
Space and time in Catullus 64
18 October 2013 Speaker: Mauro Bonazzi (Milan)
Plato under the empire: Plutarch on the philosophical life
11 October 2013 Speaker: Caroline Humfress (Birkbeck) and Jill Harries (St Andrews)
Why (Roman) historians need to think about law: reflections at the coalface
Opening paper for the conference 'Late antique history'
04 October 2013 Speaker: Jan Stenger (Glasgow)
Athens and/or Jerusalem? Basil the Great and Chrysostom on religious education
27 September 2013 Speaker: Saskia Roselaar (Nottingham)
Economic relations and integration in the Roman Republic
20 September 2013 Speaker: Sofie Waebens (Katholieke Universiteit Leuven)
Soldiers and their relatives: Roman tombstones from Nikopolis (Egypt)

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