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Research seminars 2012 - 2013

26 April 2013 Speaker: Nicholas Purcell (Oxford)
Roman Baiae
Part of a one day workshop: 'Landscapes of pleasure'
24 April 2013 Speaker: Nicholas Purcell (Oxford)
The strangeness of buying and selling in antiquity
19 April 2013 Speaker: Lyndsay Coo (Cambridge)
Sophocles' Eurypylus
12 April 2013 Speaker: David Pritchard (University of Queensland)
Sport, democracy and war in classical Athens
05 April 2013 Speaker: Andrew Laird (Warwick)
Aztecs on Olympus: classical learning and native traditions in post-conquest Mexico
15 March 2013 Speaker: Will Wootton (KCL)
The art of making in antiquity: presenting and interpreting Roman stone carving techniques
08 March 2013 Speaker: Benet Salway (UCL)
Divide and rule (or ‘437 and all that!’): boundaries and jurisdictions in late antiquity
01 March 2013 Speaker: Jonathan Prag (Oxford)
Inscribed rostra from the First Punic War and the quaestorship in the third century BC
27 February 2013 Speaker: Oriol Olesti Vila (Barcelona)
The land surveyors experiences in Roman Spain
22 February 2013 Speaker: Jakob Wisse (Newcastle)
History, tyranny, and memory: Tacitus on the death of Cremutius Cordus (Annals 4.34-35)
15 February 2013 Speaker: Phillip Horky (Durham)
The place of Agathon in Plato's Symposium
08 February 2013 Speaker: Catherine Ware (Liverpool/Maynooth)
Singing of kings and battles: Vergil as panegyrist in late antiquity
01 February 2013 Speaker: Alexander Loney (Yale)
An Ethical Hermeneutic of the Odyssey
Part of a one day workshop: Ethics in Greek rhetoric and poetry
30 January 2013 Speaker: Alexander Loney (Yale)
Hesiod’s incorporative poetics in the Mecone episode
30 November 2012 Speaker: Virginia Campbell (St Andrews)
Visiting scribblers: non-Pompeian graffiti and dipinti in Pompeii.
23 November 2012 Speaker: Jill Harries (St Andrews)
The Death of Constantine
16 November 2012 Speaker: Richard Buxton (Bristol)
The ambiguity of metamorphosis: from Homer to du Maurier
09 November 2012 Speaker: Nikoletta Manioti (St Andrews)
Another Medea? Procne in Ovid's Metamorphoses 6
02 November 2012 Speaker: Gabor Betegh (Central European University)
The cosmology of Archelaus of Athens.
The opening paper for the ‘Ancient Cosmologies’ conference.Further information >> Please note: the venue has changed to School 2, St Salvator's Quad  
26 October 2012 Speaker: M.M. McCabe (KCL)
Transformative goods: Plato on moral vision.
19 October 2012 Speaker: Steve Mason (Aberdeen)
Does the siege of Masada ‘teach us’ anything about Judaean militancy or Roman power?
12 October 2012 Speaker: Nora Goldschmidt (Durham)
Epic examples: Ennius and Virgil
05 October 2012 Speaker: Judy Barringer (Edinburgh)
The changing image of Zeus at Olympia
01 October 2012 Speaker: John Solomon (Illinois)
Greco-Roman music in the 1890s: from excavation to the Olympic Congress to Broadway Spectacular
(Monday 1 October) An extra seminar in addition to the usual Friday programme.
28 September 2012 Speaker: Robert Witcher (Durham)
On Rome’s ecological contribution to British flora and fauna: landscape, legacy and identity
21 September 2012 Speaker: Adrian Kelly (Oxford)
Aias in Athens

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