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Research seminars 2011 - 2012

18 May 2012 Speaker: Yiannis Lolos
"The archaeological exploration of Sikyon: a comprehensive approach to the study of a Greek city-state"
04 May 2012 Speaker: Shadi Bartsch-Zimmer
'The Pleasure of the Trope:  Pagan and Christian Authors on the Ethics of Metaphor'
Paper presented as part of the one-day workshop: 'Metaphor in Greek and Roman literature and culture'
02 May 2012 Speaker: Shadi Bartsch-Zimmer
Socrates and Sexuality in Persius’ Fourth Satire
27 April 2012 Speaker: John Morgan
The monk’s tale: the Narratio of pseudo-Nilus of Ancyra
20 April 2012 Speaker: Jon Hesk
'Eris, neikos and opacity in Odyssey 8'.
23 March 2012 Speaker: Anna Clark
Gods as epistolary elements
16 March 2012 Speaker: Lisa Hau
‘The Genre(s) of ancient historiography’
09 March 2012 Speaker: Emma Gee
Planetary motion in Roman poetry
02 March 2012 Speaker: Ian Haynes
'To bury Jupiter, not to praise him'?  Excavations at Maryport 2011 and the reinterpretation of an exceptional series of Roman altars
24 February 2012 Speaker: Lloyd Llewelyn-Jones
"Beautiful to behold is the king": the body and dress of the Achaemenid monarch
17 February 2012 Speaker: Andrew Barker
Greek impressions of Indian music
10 February 2012 Speaker: Eric Rebillard
Communal hostility and communal resistance in episodes of persecution in North Africa, 180-305.
16 December 2011 Speaker: Hans van Wees (UCL)
Perfect Oligarchs: Birth, Wealth and Merit in Homer
09 December 2011 Speaker: Jon Coulston (St Andrews)
Trajan's Column and the Art of Imperial Display in Rome
02 December 2011 Speaker: Christopher Whitton (Cambridge)
Cicero and Tacitean epigram
25 November 2011 Speaker: Alexandra Parvan (St Andrews)
Norms of Judgment and Harmless Error in Augustine
18 November 2011 Speaker: Jenny Bryan (UCL)
Likely Rhetoric and the Phaedrus
04 November 2011 Speaker: Annemare´ Kotze´ (Stellenbosch)
Moral Exhortation in Augustine’s Confessions?
28 October 2011 Speaker: Barbara Borg (Exeter)
In Search of Senators Deceased: Context Matters
21 October 2011 Speaker: Konstantinos Spanoudakis (Rethymno)
Christian Eyes for 'Pagan' Images: Nonnus' Dionysiaca on the Edge
14 October 2011 Speaker: Nicolas Wiater (St Andrews)
Parahistory: Literary Criticism and Historical Consciousness
07 October 2011 Speaker: Emmanuela Bakola (UCL)
The Oikos in the Oresteia and the Origins of Ecological Discourse
30 September 2011 Speaker: Katharine Earnshaw (St John's College, Oxford)
Ghosts of Epic Past

The 2011-2012 research seminars were organised by Jason Ko¨nig, School of Classics, University of St Andrews, St Andrews KY16 9AL. Tel.: 01334-462618. E-mail: jpk3@st-

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