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Research seminars 2007 - 2008

09 May 2008 Speaker: Ralph Rosen (Penn)
‘The Representation of Badness and Theories of Intentionalityin Aristophanes' Frogs
02 May 2008 Speaker: Martin Millett (Cambridge)
‘Portus - the archaeology of the Port of imperial Rome.’
25 April 2008 Speaker: Daryn Lehoux (Manchester)
‘Booking Nature: Epistemology and Rhetoric in Seneca's Natural Questions.’
18 April 2008 Speaker: Estelle Strazdins (Melbourne)
‘Monumental Fame and the Second Sophistic.’
28 March 2008 Speaker: Elton Barker (Christ Church, Oxford)
‘A resonantial analysis of 'Oedipus of many pains’
21 March 2008 Speaker: Dan Hogg (St Andrews)
‘Brutus the Archetype: Dionysius of Halicarnassus' account of the end of the Regal Period.’
14 March 2008 Speaker: John Ramsey (Illinois)
‘The Logistics of Tyrannicide: When did the Senate meet on the Ides of March?’
07 March 2008 Speaker: Caroline Humfress (Birkbeck)
‘Telling Stories About Roman Law’
29 February 2008 Speaker: Philippa Lang (Emory)
‘Temple medicine in early Ptolemaic Egypt’
22 February 2008 Speaker: Stephen Oakley (Cambridge)
‘Discoveries of Latin texts in Renaissance Rome and Florence and their consequences for modern editing’
15 February 2008 Speaker: Emma Gee (St Andrews)
‘Plato's Phaedrus and Virgil's Aeneid’.
21 December 2007 Speaker: Aikaterini Oikonomopolou (St Andrews)
“Athenaeus' ethnography.”
14 December 2007 Speaker: Ittai Gradel (Reading)
“Pagan Opposition to Emperor Worship.”
07 December 2007 Speaker: Michael Lurie (Edinburgh)
“The Mind’s Road To God. Iamblichus' De Vita Pythagorica and Neoplatonic Biography”.
30 November 2007 Speaker: Katherine Dunbabin (McMaster)
“Domestic Dionysos? Telete on later Roman mosaics'”
23 November 2007 Speaker: Ingo Hildenhard (Durham)
“Cicero, orator Platonicus.”
09 November 2007 Speaker: Philip Hardie (Cambridge)
'The self-divisions of Scylla: Ovid to Milton'
02 November 2007 Speaker: Ismene Lada (KCL)
“'Dead but not extinct: on reinventing ancient pantomime in the 18th century'”
26 October 2007 Speaker: Ursula Rothe (Edinburgh)
"Who wore the trousers? Dress behaviour and Roman reception of the northern tribes of Europe."
19 October 2007 Speaker: James Robson (OU)
“Lost in Translation: the problem of (Aristophanic) humour.”
12 October 2007 Speaker: Alex Long (St Andrews)
“Political models and philosophical detachment in Plato.”
05 October 2007 Speaker: Steve Hodkinson (Nottingham)
“War in Spartan society: a comparative perspective.”

All seminars take place on Fridays at 4.15 p.m. in Swallowgate 11. Papers are followed by discussion. All are welcome.

The 2007-2008 research seminars were organised by Prof. Greg Woolf, School of Classics, University of St Andrews, St Andrews KY16 9AL. Tel.: 01334-462600. FAX: 01334-462602. E-mail:

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