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Research seminars 2006 - 2007

04 May 2007 Speaker: John Vanderspoel (Calgary)
“Becoming un-Roman: the Demise of Imperial Civilization in Gaul"
27 April 2007 Speaker: Penny Murray (Warwick)
“Tragedy, Women and the Family in Plato’s Republic.”
20 April 2007 Speaker: Jeremy Armstrong (St Andrews)
"Velut quae magno ex intervalo loci vix cernuntur": The Roman Army in the Early Republic
13 April 2007 Speaker: Richard Rawles (St Andrews)
“Eros and Praise in early Greek Lyric”
23 March 2007 Speaker: John Hamilton (Holy Cross)
Satura sine fine: Juvenal’s imperial farrago”
16 March 2007 Speaker: Andrew Poulter (Nottingham)
“Site specific survey: a new approach to understanding the rise and collapse of a Roman landscape”
09 March 2007 Speaker: Fabio Barry (St Andrews)
"The Bocca della Verita`: Antique Symbolism, Medieval Misunderstanding and Modern Rediscovery"
02 March 2007 Speaker: Greg Rowe (British Columbia)
“Locus datus: Latin epigraphy and the Roman state"
23 February 2007 Speaker: Karla Pollmann (St Andrews)
“Augustine, Genesis, and Controversy.”
16 February 2007 Speaker: Jamie Macintyre (St Andrews)
“Scorched Earth: Refiguring the Landscape in post-Augustan epic”
09 February 2007 Speaker: Tim Parkin (Manchester)
“The elderly children of Greece and Rome.”
15 December 2006 Speaker: Helen Morales (Cambridge)
“Homer, Virgil, and the Prostitutes.”
08 December 2006 Speaker: Roberto Chiappiniello (Manchester)
“Epigramma Paulini. A singular pastoral world”
01 December 2006 Speaker: Richard Miles (Cambridge)
“Re-thinking the Reconquista: The Religious Landscape of Carthage in later antiquity.”
24 November 2006 Speaker: Emma Buckley (St. Andrews)
'Power and Poetics: the pseudo- Senecan Octavia.'
17 November 2006 Speaker: Alex Marr (St. Andrews)
'The Fortunes of Hero of Alexandria in the Renaissance'
LOGOS centre
03 November 2006 Speaker: Karl Ho¨lkeskamp (Cologne)
“Self-serving sermons”
[Public Lecture at start of conference Praise and Blame in Roman Oratory]
27 October 2006 Speaker: Angus Bowie (Oxford)
“Law and Divination in Aeschylus' Oresteia”
20 October 2006 Speaker: Jesper Madsen (Aarhus)
“Views on Roman rule and imperial institutions in Greek and Latin writing.”
13 October 2006 Speaker: Dominic Berry (Edinburgh)
“Pliny's Vesuvius letters (6.16 and 6.20)".
06 October 2006 Speaker: Gavin Kelly (Edinburgh)
“Adventus Augusti: Rome and the emperor in late antiquity.”
29 September 2006 Speaker: Maureen Carroll (Sheffield)
“New light on Roman temple gardens through archaeological exploration in Pompeii.”

All seminars take place on Fridays at 4.15 p.m. in Swallowgate 11. Papers are followed by discussion. All are welcome.

The 2006-2007 research seminars were organised by Prof. Greg Woolf, School of Classics, University of St Andrews, St Andrews KY16 9AL. Tel.: 01334-462600. FAX: 01334-462602. E-mail:

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