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Research seminars 2005 - 2006

05 May 2006 Speaker: Cathy Morgan (KCL)
“Imports on the dining table? Attic finewares in the Bosphoran Kingdom.”
28 April 2006 Speaker: Caroline Vout (Nottingham)
“Sizing up the city: Rome according to her hills”
21 April 2006 Speaker: George Boys-Stones (Durham)
“Was Socrates beautiful?”
14 April 2006 Speaker: Bruce Longenecker (St. Andrews)
"Quintilian and Lucian in the hands of a biblical scholar"
24 March 2006 Speaker: Ted Kaizer (Durham)
“Religious identity in Dura-Europos”
17 March 2006 Speaker: Gideon Nisbet (Glasgow)
“ ‘Rubbish-heaps confused together’: the Greek Anthology in English translations.”
10 March 2006 Speaker: Adrian Gratwick (St. Andrews)
“Diodorus at Sea.” LOGOS CENTRE
03 March 2006 Speaker: Niall Livingstone (Birmingham)
“The Democratic Philosophy of Isocrates”
24 February 2006 Speaker: Boris Dunsch (Greifswald)
“Arte rates reguntur - Nautical Handbooks in Antiquity?”
17 February 2006 Speaker: Graham Whitaker (Glasgow)
"... brevique adnotatione critica ...: a preliminary history of the Oxford Classical Texts"
10 February 2006 Speaker: Jill Harries (St. Andrews)
“Sabinus the Antiquarian and the Roman Legal Tradition”
16 December 2005 Speaker: Alisdair Gibson (St. Andrews)
“Big Voice, Little Voice: 'ischnophonia' between Greece & Rome.”
09 December 2005 Speaker: Kelly Joss (Trinity College Dublin):
“The Body of the Slave.”
02 December 2005 Speaker: Laurence Totelin (UCL): LOGOS SEMINAR
"'You have invented a pharmakon not of memory, but of reminding' (Plato, Phaedrus 275a); writing and reading medicinal recipes in fifth- and fourth-century Greece."
25 November 2005 Speaker: Andrew Erskine (Edinburgh)
"Speaking up for the polis: rhetoric and persuasion in the Hellenistic World"
18 November 2005 Speaker: Lisa Bendall (Oxford)
“Mycenean Banqueting'”
04 November 2005 Speaker: Pim Allison (ANU)
“Roman soldiers, dead babies and GIS in the 2nd century auxiliary fort of Ellingen in the Roman province of Upper Germany”
28 October 2005 Speaker: Rosalind Maclachlan (St. Andrews)
"Epitomes. Approaching abbreviation in ancient literary culture."
21 October 2005 Speaker: Gideon Nisbet (Glasgow)
'"Rubbish-heaps confused together": the Greek Anthology in English translations. (CANCELLED)
14 October 2005 Speaker: Niall Livingstone (Birmingham)
“The Democratic Philosophy of Isocrates”. (CANCELLED)
07 October 2005 Speaker: Henrik Mouritsen (KCL)
 “Macula servitutis: the freedman (and his son) in Roman society'”
30 September 2005 Speaker: Damien Nelis (Geneva)
“Vergil's 'Aeneid' and the 'Aetia' of Callimachus.”

All seminars took place on Fridays at 4.15 p.m. in Swallowgate 11. Papers were followed by discussion. All welcome.

The 2005-2006 research seminars were organised by Prof. Greg Woolf, School of Classics, University of St Andrews, St Andrews KY16 9AL. Tel.: 01334-462600. FAX: 01334-462602. E-mail:

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