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Research seminars 2004 - 2005

06 May 2005 Speaker: Lorna Hardwick (Open University)
“Classics on the move: contested genealogies in modern productions of Greek drama”
29 April 2005 Speaker: Ian Haynes (Birkbeck)
"The sanctuary of Liber Pater at Apulum (Roumania)"
22 April 2005 Speaker: Emily Gowers (Cambridge)
“Dido and the Owl.” 
15 April 2005 Speaker: Ralph Anderson (St. Andrews)
“Greek Magic.”
25 March 2005 Speaker: Simon Swain (Warwick)
 (LOGOS Centre seminar)
18 March 2005 Speaker: John Richardson (Edinburgh)
“Talking about empire”
11 March 2005 Speaker: Arnoud Visser (St. Andrews)
“Mundus emblematicus. Classical allusions and religious debate in Renaissance Emblem Books”
04 March 2005 Speaker: Lucy Grig (Edinburgh)
“Power, culture and self-representation in the epigraphy of late antique Rome”
25 February 2005 Speaker: Cynthia Patterson (Emory/St. Andrews)
“What was the Demosion Sema?”
18 February 2005 Speaker: Sian Lewis (St. Andrews)
“Marrying the hangman's daughter: tyrants and their familes”
11 February 2005 Speaker: Stephen Halliwell (St. Andrews)
03 December 2004 Speaker: Nick Lowe (London)
The Lycophron Code
03 December 2004 Speaker: Alastair Blanshard (Reading)
'Understanding Attic Document Reliefs'
26 November 2004 Speaker: Matthew Dickie (Emeritus, University of Illinois, Chicago)
Does Sopatros the Rhetor have anything to tell us about the Eleusinian Mysteries?’
19 November 2004 Speaker: David Lambert (St Andrews)
"Barbarian Heresy and Roman Emperors: the Conversion of the Goths to Arianism".  
05 November 2004 Speaker: Will Bowden (UEA)
‘Excavating the landscape of Roman Greece: the villa at Diaporit (Albania).’
29 October 2004 Speaker: Serafina Cuomo (London)
‘Technology and Society in the Roman Empire’
22 October 2004 Speaker: Diana Spencer (Birmingham)
'Towards reading (in) the garden: Cicero, Varro and Catullus'
15 October 2004 Speaker: Andrew Szegedy-Maszak (Wesleyan University)
‘An American on the Acropolis: William James Stillman’  
This seminar was in association with Art History and took place in Art History at 4.15.
08 October 2004 Speaker: John Henderson (Cambridge)
'Is the Cicero of In Pisonem poison? Are we bound to defend a prosecutor?'
01 October 2004 Speaker: Katherine Clarke (Oxford)
Marginal Monsters Managing the Metamorphosis: Suebi in the senate?

All seminars took place on Fridays at 4.15 p.m. in Swallowgate 11. Papers were followed by discussion. All welcome.

The 2004-2005 research seminars were organised by Dr Jon Hesk and Prof. Greg Woolf, School of Classics, University of St Andrews, St Andrews KY16 9AL. Tel.: 01334-462600. FAX: 01334-462602.

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