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Previous postgraduate seminars

08 March 2019 Speaker: Alastair Lumsden
Cisalpine Gaul - Greco-Roman Ethnography and the ‘Barbarian’ of the Po Valley
01 March 2019 Speaker: Elaine Rankin
The Use of Timber for Fuel in the Roman Empire
22 February 2019 Speaker: Gabriel Gabbardo
Julian and Antioch: text(s) and context(s)
15 February 2019 Speaker: Stewart Park
The hunter and the hunted: the myth of Actaeon in Virgil’s Aeneid
20 April 2018 Speaker: Bart Danon
13 April 2018 Speaker: Alastair Lumsden
Cavalry in Pre-Roman Iberia and Gaul
06 April 2018 Training: Completing and publishing the PhD [Alex Long] and Presentations [Alexia Petsalis-Diomidis].
16 March 2018 Speaker: Eugenio Rallo
Interdum Vocem Comoedia tollit. Tragedy and Comedy in dialogue in Plautus
13 March 2018 Peer Reading Group Session
09 March 2018 Speaker: Carlos Machado & Giuseppe Pezzini
Training: Networking and postdoc opportunities
02 March 2018 Speaker: Consuelo Martino
Livy, Lucretia and the beginning of the res publica. Reading the Late Republic in Livy’s Early Rome (bk 1)
16 February 2018 Speaker: Gabriel Gabbardo
Pigs and Nuns: A Julianic anti-Christian persecution?
09 February 2018 Training: Job applications (Rebecca Usherwood) and Cover letters (Careers Centre)
24 November 2017 Speaker: Matthew Shelton
Curb Your Enthusiasm: Philosophy and Divine Possession in Plato’s Phaedrus
10 November 2017 Speaker: Laura Conroy
‘Captive Women’: Achaemenid Influences on Alexander’s Approach to Women and Marriage
03 November 2017 Two short talks: 
“Rome’s first Billboards: Temple Placement and Elite Identity in Early Rome” (James Crooks)  “Mountains of Madness: Memory and Perception in Euripides’ Bacchae” (Chloe Bray)
20 October 2017 Speaker: Giorgos Mouratidis
The athlete and the city. A study of the phenomenon of athletes entering city councils.
13 October 2017 Speaker: Caitlan Smith
Are Old Men Sexy? An examination into the eroticization of the mature athlete
06 October 2017 Speaker: Doug Forsyth
Thoughts on the causal factors for colonization in 8thcentury BCE Cyclades
05 May 2017 Speaker: Myles Lavan
PG Committee Open Meeting
28 April 2017 Speaker: Consuelo Martino
Between oratory and historiography: Cicero’s speeches in Livy, Tacitus and Suetonius
21 April 2017 Speaker: Chloe Bray
The Seascape of the Battle of Salamis as Abject Space in Aeschylus’ Persae.
14 April 2017 Speaker: Caitlan Smith
The Addicted Athlete: Diagnosing the Individual Athlete with Modern Sports Science
07 April 2017 Speaker: Alastair Lumsden
Cisalpine Gaul: Fact or Fiction? Re-assessing Gallo-Italic Military Development in Northern Italy c.400-100  B.C.
31 March 2017 Speaker: Laura Conroy
Truth, Lies, and Moral Integrity: Echoes of Achaemenid Royal Ideology in the Alexander Histories
10 March 2017 Speaker: Matthew Shelton
What is love? / Baby, don't hurt me. Madness and moral philosophy in Plato’s Phaedrus.
03 March 2017 Speaker: Kristian Kanstrup Christensen
The Great and Little Tradition as a model for interpreting cultural interactions in the Roman Empire
24 February 2017 Speaker: PG reps
Classics Chat!
Informal discussion.
25 November 2016 Speaker: Dr Nicolas Wiater
Staff research: topic tba
18 November 2016 Speaker: Dr Myles Lavan
PG Committee Open Meeting
11 November 2016 Speaker: Jenny Messenger
Robert Graves and ancient philosophy
04 November 2016 Speaker: Doug Forsyth
Building an Archaic period site database
28 October 2016 Speaker: Ellen MacDougall
“Now you see me, now you don’t!”  Explaining the disappearance and subsequent re-emergence of images of foreign peoples on early imperial coinage.
14 October 2016 Speaker: Matthew Payne
Torture and Truth in Seneca’s Troades
07 October 2016 Speaker: Roger Rees
Start with a whisper: Addressing Roman Emperors
30 September 2016 Speaker: -
Informal PG welcome in S4
27 May 2016 Speaker: Jo Norton-Curry
Talk like an Egyptian: Intercultural allusions and intertextuality in Achilles Tatius 5.6-7
06 May 2016 Speaker: Chloe Bray
Limits of Dread: πε?ραρ, ?σχατα, and Dangerous Edge-Space in Homeric Formulae
15 April 2016 Speaker: Sarah Azevedo
Adulterers of the Julio-Claudian Dynasty
31 March 2016 Speaker: Manlio Fossati
The nature of the soul in the Phaedo
N.B. This seminar is on a Thursday.
04 March 2016 Speaker: Consuelo Martino
The abuse and mutilation of corpses during the first Civil War
19 February 2016 Speaker: Jo Norton-Curry
Achilles Tatius - “Ideas for papers on book 5 of Achilles Tatius”
11 February 2016 Speaker: Ben Naylor
Two short papers:
"Regional trends in Iberian livestock, focusing on the possible role of fodder". & "Rainfall patterns and possibilities for collaboration during the ploughing season."
20 November 2015 Speaker: Ellen MacDougall
Images of foreign and subject peoples on Augustan coinage
13 November 2015 Speaker: Matthew Shelton
Madness in Xenophon’s Memorablia
06 November 2015 Speaker: Michael Furman
Consolidation and Power in Central Greece.
23 October 2015 Speaker: Ana Kotarcic
Aristotle and Style
16 October 2015 Speaker: James Crooks
The not so Etruscan Tarquins
01 May 2015 Speaker: Matthew Payne
Unspeakable and accursed deeds: the language of crime between Republican and Senecan tragedy
24 April 2015 Speaker: Savannah DiMarco
Animal as Individual in Aelian’s "On Animals"
13 March 2015 Speaker: Alanna Archer
Magical Dialogue in Vergil's Aeneid 4
06 March 2015 Speaker: Savannah DiMarco
Animal as Individual in Aelian’s "On Animals"
27 February 2015 Speaker: Ellen MacDougall
Representing ‘Others’ in late Roman Republican coinage
20 February 2015 Speaker: Michael Furman
Controlling the Northern Euboean Gulf: Histiaea and Thebes in the 370s and 360s B.C.
05 March 2015 Speaker: Caroline Przybilla
Medea in Valerius Flaccus’ Argonautica
21 November 2014 Speaker: Colin McLaren
Middle-Aged Man Meets Match: Idomeneus and Aineias (Iliad, 13.468-515)
14 November 2014 Speaker: Ana Kotarcic
Aristotle's concept of lexis
07 November 2014 Speaker: Ben Naylor
Reassembling the Iberians: actor-network approaches to Iberian settlement patterns
31 October 2014 Speaker: Doug Underwood
Advice for the run up to submitting a PhD/the PhD Viva
16 October 2014 Speaker: Greg Woolf
Presentation Skills
Please note: this seminar is on Thursday
09 October 2014 Speaker: Anouk Vermeulen
Title to be announced
Please note: this pg seminar is on Thursday in S11.
03 October 2014 Speaker: Sian Lewis
Tutoring Advice/Troubleshooting
02 May 2014 Speaker: Ana Kotarcic
Aristotle's lexis
11 April 2014 Speaker: Maria Giulia Franzoni
'Βροτ¿ν ¿νεκα: Homeric interpretations of the importance of man in Leopardi's Operette Morali'
04 April 2014 Speaker: Ben Naylor
An actor-network approach to the Iberian jinete coinage 
21 February 2014 Speaker: Manlio Fossati
The myth of Er as an example of narrative admissible in the ideal city
07 February 2014 Speaker: Ellen MacDougall
Julius Caesar: imagery, iconography and influence (49 – 44 B.C.)
22 November 2013 Speaker: Sian Lewis (St Andrews)
Interview skills
15 November 2013 Speaker: Nelson Bondioli
'Roman Religion and identity in the Early Principate
18 October 2013 Speaker: Mauro Bonazzi (Milan)
Sophocles and Plato
11 October 2013 Speaker: Michael Furman
The Thebes excavation
03 May 2013 Speaker: Nikoletta Manioti
How to do Presentations
19 April 2013 Speaker: Alex Long
Grant applications
12 April 2013 Speaker: Philip Baiocchi
Agathocles on the Moon
(Agathocles' invasion of Africa and Sicilian political dynamics)
15 March 2013 Speaker: Jason Konig
Time management
08 March 2013 Speaker: Marta Fernandes Corral
The Latin Epigraphic Culture in the North of the Iberian Peninsula: The Autrigonian Area
01 March 2013 Speaker: Myles Lavan
Teaching tools
22 February 2013 Speaker: Leah Wanklyn
A Question of Solidarity: Oscan Linguistic Identity in Pompeii
15 February 2013 Speaker: Greg Woolf
How to ask questions
08 February 2013 Speaker: Nuria Scapin
Helen: Nomen Omen in the second stasimon of Aeschylus’ Agamemnon
14 December 2012 Speaker: Benjamin Naylor
07 December 2012 Speaker: Matthijs Wibier
30 November 2012 Speaker: Nuria Scapin
23 November 2012 Speaker: Cas Valachova (Edinburgh)
A Crisis of Faith? The Inconsistency of Cassius in Plutarch's Roman Lives
16 November 2012 Speaker: BJ Harpe
The Seleucid Foundation of Roman Syria
09 November 2012 Speaker: Aiste Celkyte
Only the wise man is beautiful: the Stoic 'paradox'
02 November 2012 Speaker: Anouk Vermeulen
Images of Roman land division: a new approach to cadastral inscriptions
19 October 2012 Speaker: Christine Greenlee
New Athens - the foundation of Constantinople in Himerius' Oration 41
12 October 2012 Speaker: Hannah Mitchell
Business as usual – almost: representations of aristocratic achievement during the civil wars  
10 May 2012 Speaker: John Russell Holton
Demetrios Poliorketes, son of  Poseidon and Aphrodite: an Athenian face of the king.  
N.B. This event is part of the STAGE initiative to increase co-operation amongst the St Andrews, Glasgow and Edinburgh Classics departments.
03 May 2012 Speaker: Professor Ian Carradice
A Life in Ancient Numismatics
26 April 2012 Speaker: Douglas Underwood
Late Antique Baths at Ostia: A Case Study in Public Building in the West
19 April 2012 Speaker: BJ Harpe
Romanization and the Roman Army of the Principate: an alternative perspective.
11 April 2012 Speaker: Christine Lund Koch
Constantine the Indecisive: a study in Eusebius' De Laudibus Constantini
N.B. this seminar will be held at 1:00PM
22 March 2012 Speaker: Paula Whiscombe
‘Brothers in Herodotus’
08 March 2012 Speaker: Jon Hesk
‘Careers in and out of Classics’
01 March 2012 Speaker: Miles Lester-Pearson
‘The epithet Keraunos
23 February 2012 Speaker: Michael Furman
"Theban History and Archaeology: An Introduction"
Note: this seminar takes place at 5pm on Thursday in S11
14 December 2011 Speaker: Alecia Chatham
07 December 2011 Speaker: Allison J. Weir
What Has Beauty to do with Death? Blurred Boundaries in Depictions of Vanth and Lasa in Etruscan Funerary Art
N.B. This seminar will be held at 17:15 (S11)
30 November 2011 Speaker: Aiste Celkyte
Emerging Beauty: Defining Stoic συμμετρ¿α
23 November 2011 Speaker: Risto-Matti Sarilo
"The composition date of Photius' Bibliotheca: Who Cares?"
16 November 2011 Speaker: E. M. Stevens
What Happens When Poets Fuck? In Greece and India
03 November 2011 Speaker: Special Event: Annemaré Kotzé (Stellenbosch)
Ancient Modes of Moral Exhortation: Ancient Theory and Modern Definitions
This seminar will be held on Thursday and 17:00 (S11)
26 October 2011 Speaker: Michael Beardmore
'Let None of these Warnings be Neglected': How to Predict the Weather From Natural Signs
20 October 2011 Speaker: Guest Seminar: Stefan Hagel (ÖAW):
Phrygian etc. What we don't know about the early aulos
This seminar will be held on Thursday and 17:30 (S11)
12 October 2011 Speaker: Miles Lester-Pearson
Tyranny under Alexander the Great and the Diadochi: A case study of the Clearchids of Heraclea Pontica on the Black Sea
05 October 2011 Speaker: Matthijs Wibier
Jurists and the past in Gellius, Gaius, and Pomponius
05 November 2009 Speaker: Dr Jon Hesk
Library and Electronic Resources for Classics
15 October 2009 Speaker: Allison Weir
Review of BSR City of Rome course
23 April 2009 Speaker: Celia Schultz
The Romans and Ritual Murder
12 March 2009 Speaker: Mark Wilson Jones
26 February 2009 Speaker: Emerson Stevens
Oedipus, Aristotle, and Athens
19 February 2009 Speaker: Julietta Steinhauer
Isis abroad
12 February 2009 Speaker: Gunnar Seelentag
How affirmation and demand shaped the representation of the Roman Princeps
04 May 2006 Speaker: Carmen Cvetkovic
'Seek his face ever more': Augustine's teaching on the Vision of God.
27 April 2006 Speaker: Jeremy Armstrong
Breaking the Rules: Recruitment in the Early Roman Army
20 April 2006 Speaker: Jamie McIntyre
Imperial Legacies and Roman Arches: Reception, the Arch of Constantine and the Arc de Triomphe du Carrousel.
16 March 2006 Speaker: Luz Guillermo
‘Continuity and Consistency in Sinon’s Narrative in Aeneid II’.  

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