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Postgraduate seminars

During term time, the postgraduate community run an informal seminar series where they get together, share work in progress, and practise presenting papers in a friendly, non-threatening environment. It gives the PGs the opportunity to talk about their work, find out what other PGs in the department are working on, as well as experience presenting current research and chairing papers.

All PG seminars will be held at 13:00 on Fridays, in S4 (Swallowgate), School of Classics, unless otherwise stated.

01 March 2019 Speaker: Elaine Rankin
The Use of Timber for Fuel in the Roman Empire
08 March 2019 Speaker: Alastair Lumsden
Cisalpine Gaul - Greco-Roman Ethnography and the ‘Barbarian’ of the Po Valley
19 April 2019 Speaker: Zofia Guertin
Temples of the Egyptian Gods in Roman cities

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Research Seminars

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