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Landscapes of Movement

Religious space and topography of the Cyclades,
8th century BCE to 8th century CE

25 - 26 May 2017 at St Andrews

The aim of this workshop is to bring together scholars working on networks and religion, particularly in the Cyclades, with a view to understanding how the movement to places and their topography shaped the foundations of cult sites, as well as their development and functions over time. By including all the Cycladic islands within a period from the 8th century BC to the 8th century CE, the range and scope will enable an enhanced diachronic view of the functions of religious spaces in the Cyclades and their contribution to a variety of levels of network connections. Under the broad topic of movement through religious landscapes, a range of topics will be addressed including:

  • Cult site location: the journey and how it was defined.
  • Who were the pilgrims to the Cyclades and why did they travel?
  • Regional and local sanctuaries; interaction and reaction.
  • Religious space and island topography.
  • Creation and termination of religious networks.
  • Religious hubs and their growth.


25 May

1.00-2.00 Registration, Welcome & Introduction
2.00-2.30 Dr Christy Constantakopoulou (Birkbeck University)
Networks in the Cyclades.

Dr Stavros Paspalas (University of Sydney & Australian Institute at Athens)
The Sanctuary at Zagora, Andros. Early Iron Age into Classical.

3.00-3.30 Dr Christina Televantou (Researcher Fellow at the Excavation of Acropolis of Ayios Andreas on Sifnos):
Acropolis at Ayios Andreas at Siphnos. The Phase of historical Times and the Sanctuary (8th- 3rd/2nd centuries BC).
3.30- 4.00 Discussion
4.00-4.30 Coffee
4.30-5.00 Dr Yannos Kourayos (Ephorate of Cyclades)
Religion and polis networks: The economic and political prosperity of Paros as a means of understanding the island's religious life.
5.00-5.30 Maria Koutsoumpou
The Purification Trench of Rheneia, Evidence of Geometric and Archaic Networks in the Cyclades

26 May

9.00-9.30 Ornaghi Massimiliano (University of Turin)
Alternatives to Delos Notes on the cult, function and politics of the archaic sanctuary of Despotiko.
9.30-10.00 Kornelia Daifa (University of Thessaly)
Spatial dynamics on Despotiko: The transformation ofspace at the extra-urban sanctuary of Apollo.
10.00-10.30 Erica Angliker (University of Zurich)
The Spread of the Cult of Apollo Delios and Pythios in the Cyclades: Insularity and Pan-Aegean Dynamics through the Lens of Cult Worship.
10.30-10.45 Discussion
10.45-11.00 Coffee
11.00-11.30 Prof Onno van Nijf & Dr Christina Williamson (University of Groningen)
The Cyclades and the agonistic cycle.
11.30-12.00 Dr Zozi Papadopoulou (Head of the Department of Prehistoric and Classical Antiquities,
Ephorate of the Antiquities the Cyclades)
Choral rituals in a maritime cult. Geranos and the Deliades in the worship ofDelian Apollo.

Dr Mantha Zarmakoupi (University of Birmingham)
Δῆλος ἄδηλος? Delos after the late Hellenistic period.

12.30-12.45 Discussion
12.45-13.30 Lunch
13.30-14.00 Doug Forsyth (University of St Andrews)
Sailing in the Cyclades.
14.00-14.30 Prof Eva Winter (University of Jena)
Siphnian sculpture and sarcophagoi in the Imperial Period – Reconstructing Roman networks of elite burial in the Cyclades.
14.30-15.00 Prof Rebecca Sweetman (University of St Andrews)
Roman and Late Antique Pilgrimage in the Cyclades.
15.00-15.15 Discussion
15.15-15.30 Coffee
15.30-16.00 Hallvard Indgjerd (University of St Andrews)
Travelling Pottery.
16.00-16.30 Prof Knut Ødegård (University of Oslo)
Kastro Apalirou on Naxos, changes in the settlement pattern and infrastructure in the 7th century AD.
16.30-17.30 Final Discussion & Concluding Remarks

Booking information 

The event is free. There is a workshop dinner in the evening of 25 May, which is payable on the night.

To register, please email with the following information: 

  • your name and institution
  • any dietary or access requirements
  • whether you would like to attend the conference dinner, and if so, please provide your choices from the Hotel du Vin Summer Menu (PDF, 535 KB)

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