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Law and deliberation in Athenian philosophy and oratory

24 - 25 March 2017 at St Andrews

We will meet in room S11, School of Classics, St Andrews. All welcome.
Please address all enquiries to Alex Long,


Day 1, Friday 24 March

2.30pm    Jon Hesk, St Andrews
‘Models of reasoning, deliberation and decision in Athenian oratory’

3.40pm    coffee/tea break

4:00pm    Hannah Willey, Cambridge (via Skype)
'Plato on law and its alternatives' 

5.10pm    short break 

5.20pm    Marcus Folch, Columbia
‘Plato on women, law, and performance in the Republic and Laws

Day 2, Saturday 25 March  

9.00am     Roger Brock, Leeds
Hoi nomoi keleuousi: law(s) as agent(s) in fourth-century rhetoric and philosophy’ 

10.10am   short break 

10:20am    Richard Stalley, Glasgow
'Plato on the natural correctness of laws'

11.30am  coffee/tea break 

11.50am   Mirko Canevaro, Edinburgh
‘Aristotle on judges and arbitrators: philosophy and the administration of justice in the Greek poleis’

1pm lunch


Registration includes dinner on the Friday evening at the Byre (View menu (PDF, 20 KB)). 
Please register via the University shop, by 15 March 2017.

If you would like to attend the workshop but not the dinner, please send an email to

Derivative work that incorporates 
Gortys Law Code by Afrank99,
CC BY-SA 2.5

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