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Regionalism and Integration in the Later Roman Empire (270-305)

15th - 16th June 2016 at St Andrews

A conference to mark the launch of the Centre for Late Antique Studies.

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OPENING LECTURE – 15 JUNE 2016 (School V, St Salvator’s Quad)

17:00 – Jean-Michel Carrié (Paris), “The invention of a new style of imperial communication under the Tetrarchy”

18:30 – Drinks reception

19:30 – Dinner

CONFERENCE – 16 JUNE 2016 (Arts Lecture Theatre)

09:00 – Opening

09:15-10:45 – Emperors and emperorship

Caillan Davenport (Brisbane), “Perceptions of emperors and empire in the Eastern provinces, A.D. 270-305”

Verena Jaeschke (Frankfurt (Oder), “Visualizing the Tetrarchic concept of sovereignty – some remarks on the architectural monumentalization of tetrarchic principal residences”

Umberto Roberto (Rome), “Some considerations on Diocletian's stay in the East (299-302)”

11:00-12:30 – Regional dynamics and the impact of empire

Monica Hellström (Durham), “Towns and economic production: the building spree of T. Aurelius Aristobulus and C. Macrinius Sossianus”

Aitor Blanco-Pérez (Cologne), “Local epigraphic sources and civic life in South-Western Asia Minor: AD 270-305”

Antony Hostein (Paris), “How and why did Thessalonici become Galerius' capital? Regional transformations in Macedonia and the Balkans (Gordian III to Diocletian)”

12:30-14:00 – Buffet lunch

14:00 – 15:30 – Regional dynamics and reactions to empire

Dr. Josipa Luli? (Zagreb), “Performing the province: Creation of provincial religious institutions in the Roman Empire”

Edwin Hustwit (Bangor), “An imperial people? Isolation, integration and the shaping of British provincial identity in the late third and early fourth centuries”

Uiran Gebara da Silva (São Paulo), “The 3rd century Bagaudae in the panegyrics to Maximian: between dissidence and integration”

15:30-16:00 – Coffee break

16:00-17:30 – The limits of integration

Nicholas Baker-Brian (Cardiff), “Against all dogmas: The controversial integration of Manichaeism in the Roman Empire”

Noel Lenski (Yale), “Mass migrations and population integration in the late third century (260-305)”

Mark Humphries (Swansea), “It was a period of civil war…”

17:30 - Conclusion

18:00 – Drinks reception 

19:00 - Dinner


Please use the online shop to book.

Registration for non-speakers: £6 current postgraduate students, £12 others

B & B accommodation: £45 a night

Dinner: £13 - 2 course, £16 - 3 course

Speakers should sign up for the relevant speaker package.


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