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Early Roman Historiography

A one day workshop to be held on Friday 24th April 2015,  in the School of Classics, University of St Andrews.

Organised by Dr Roger Rees and Dr Rebecca Sweetman,  School of Classics, University of St Andrews.

The workshop is being led by our Distinguished Visiting Fellow for 2014-15, Professor Denis Feeney and we welcome a host of international scholars for the day.

This workshop seeks to discuss a range of questions concerning Roman historiography; such as why did Roman historiography begin in the period it did and why did it take the form(s) it did? What kinds of relationships did it have with previous modes of historical commemoration? How might the Roman case of archiving or commemoration of the past compare to other contemporary societies? Overall, the ambition is to focus on the bigger picture throughout, contextualising Roman work within the wider intellectual world.


Chair: Myles Lavan (St Andrews)

 10.00-10.45 Denis Feeney (Princeton), ‘Writing/curating/managing the past: Greco-Roman historiography in comparative perspective’

 10.45- 11.30 Stephen Oakley (Cambridge), 'Family history and the Roman historical tradition'

 11.30 -12.00 Coffee

 12.00-12.45 Christopher Smith (Rome), ‘From national to family history: Looking at Roman historiography through the other end of the telescope’

 12.45- 2.00 Lunch


 Chair: Jason König (St Andrews)

 2.15-3.00 Lisa Hau (Glasgow), ‘Aversion and Imitation: Early Roman Historiographers and their Greek Predecessors’

 3.00-3.45 Nicolas Wiater (St Andrews), ‘Not all about Cicero: Just and Unjust Wars in Polybius, Fabius Pictor and Greek Inscriptions’

 3.45 -4.15 Coffee

 4.15-5.00 John Marincola (Florida), 'Musing on the Past: Historical Epic and Epic History at Rome'

 5.00 Closing comments


Wine Reception



All are welcome. There is no charge, but we do need numbers for catering - tea, coffee and lunch will be provided. Please email by 17th April, giving details of any special dietary requirements.

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