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Social and Intellectual authority under Constantius II

A one day workshop to be held on Friday 19th September 2014,  in the School of Classics, University of St Andrews.

Organised by Dr Roger Rees,  School of Classics, University of St Andrews

Program and speakers

10.00:  Roger Rees (St Andrews) ‘Introduction: Letters of the Law’.

11.00:  Coffee (Classics Library)

11.30:  Nic Baker Brian (Cardiff) ‘Memories of Constantine I in the Reign of Constantius II’

12.15:  Hannah Mace (St Andrews) ‘Manilius as a hidden intellectual authority in Firmicus’ Mathesis

13.00:  Lunch (Classics Library)

14.00:  Christine Greenlee (St Andrews) ‘Times have changed – Libanius as patron and client under Constantius II’

14.45:  Shaun Tougher (Cardiff)  ‘Julian and social and intellectual authority under Constantius II’

15.30:  Tea (Classics Library)

16.05:  Peter Van Nuffelen (Ghent)  ‘Writing history in the reign of Constantius II’ 

18.00:  Drinks (Classics Library)

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