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School of Classics > Events > Conferences > 2007-2008 > Greek Drama and the Polis

Greek Drama and the Polis: New Work in Progress

One day Workshop
University of St Andrews
13th September 2007
Organiser: Dr Jon Hesk,  School of Classics

Invited speakers

Professor Peter Wilson (University of Sydney)
Dr David Rosenbloom (University of Victoria, Wellington)
Dr Ian Ruffell (University of Glasgow)
Dr Jon Hesk (University of St Andrews)

This is the inaugural meeting of what we hope will be an ongoing occasional series of one-day workshops and larger conferences. The primary purpose of these workshops and conferences will be to air and discuss in-progress research on Greek drama from workers in the field whose interests lie in the historical, social, political and intellectual contextualization of Greek Tragedy and Comedy and the readings and problems which attend such contextualization.

For this first workshop, participants will learn about, and discuss, some of the latest ideas and controversies surrounding historicizing and politicizing approaches to Greek Tragedy. Professor Wilson's paper will also be an opportunity for participants to hear about the work of an ongoing project based at the University Sydney which aims to up-date and expand upon existing collections of evidence for the nature and workings of the Greek theatre.

Enquiries regarding academic content should be directed to Dr Jon Hesk

Provisional Programme

(Each paper will be followed by 30 mins discussion)

9.20-9.30: Jon Hesk Welcoming Remarks

9.30:  Peter Wilson 'Theatre history in the late Classical period: a forgotten document'

11.00:  Coffee /Tea /Biscuits

11.30: David Rosenbloom ‘Transformations of comic and forensic topoi in the Hecuba’

1.00:  Lunch

2.30:  Ian Ruffell "I am serious - and don't call me Shirley": a Comic Take on Tragic Politics.

4.00: Coffee / Tea/ Biscuits

4.30: Jon Hesk ‘Other-oriented intellectual virtues in Greek Tragedy and Democracy.’

6.00: Pub

6.45: Dinner at local restaurant

Orestes and Electra at tomb

Orestes and Electra

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