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Pawel Borowski

Provisional title:  The interrelations of social power networks in the western part of the Roman Empire

Supervised by: Myles Lavan

My present research interests have shifted to the cities of the Latin West, and to the epigraphic, archaeological and literary evidence for provincial life under Roman rule. It is an attempt to create a ‘total’ social history, encompassing the pre- and post-Roman periods, of a few case studies – Nemausus, Tarraco, Puetoli and Carthage – in which such aspects as connectivity, relativity of status and organisation of power can be explored thanks to the microecological methodology (Horden and Purcell 2000) and the theory of sources of social power (Michael Mann 1986-2013)

Academic biography and research interests

I previously studied at UCL and Paris-Sorbonne (BA in History, 2016), and at Cambridge University (MPhil in Classics, 2017) where I explored the workings of the Roman government in the 1st and 2nd centuries CE. Before I came to St Andrews, I had focused mainly on Pliny the Younger, Fronto and Tacitus, whose writings enabled me to discuss imperial elite’s representation of fiscal rationality and maladministration, and the value system underpinning official appointments.