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Colin McLaren

'The legend of Idomeneus in Graeco-Roman literature and its reception in Western Europe

Supervised by: Dr J Hesk & Dr E Buckley

The legend of Idomeneus may have its origins in poetry of the High Mycenean Age but is first recorded in the Iliad. Accretions occur in the Odyssey, Hesiod's Catalogue of Women and some twenty other works from the 4th century BC to the 5th century AD. The dissertation will examine the evolution of the legend; its transmission; and its reception up to and including the present century, as reflected in translations, recensions, musical and dramatic adaptations, compendia of knowledge, re-tellings at a popular or juvenile level, and imagery.

Academic biography and research interests

BA, 1961, Dip. Librarianship & Archives, 1963, M Phil, 1973  (London); MA,  2011 (Leeds). Keeper of Manuscripts, 1969-96, Librarian, 1996-9, University of Aberdeen. 


Numerous, mainly on the history of the University of Aberdeen and its student community; most recently, Aberdeen Students, 1600-1860 (University of Aberdeen, 2005). Online publications include, as Textual Consultant, The Aberdeen Bestiary (c 1200),