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Fieldwork experience

Fieldwork in the UK


The following companies may be offering excavation opportunities in Ireland.


Museum Experience

Conservation Experience

 Projects our students have worked on

Other projects available

  • BSA Archive Internship
  • BSA/BSR Summer Schools
  • Excavations at Andros 
  • It is possible to volunteer throughout the year in local museums (including MUSA). The School of Classics regularly looks for volunteers to help on term time projects too. 

Email Prof Sweetman if interested in any of the above


If you have some good training experience (eg Bamburgh) it is often easier to get onto other projects outside the UK. Keep an eye on the sites above for regular updates. 

You should send CVs to the larger companies. When making an application (ie CV, cover letter & the names of referees) you should make it clear whether you are looking for summer work and/or more long-term work.

Do make sure you apply for travel funding from the School of Classics. 

If anyone finds a project they are interested in working on and would like to discuss further details, please contact Prof Sweetman ( or Dr Coulston (



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