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The Class Library

The School of Classics Library (Class Library) is located in Room S6 on the first floor of the Swallowgate building. The Class Library houses Ancient History, Classical Studies, Greek and Latin books. Although many of the books in the Class Library are also available in the main University Library (UL), some are exclusive to the School. There is a Classics donations collection housed within the Class library, which contains extra copies of books listed with the Library's holdings.

Although the Class Library operates on self-service basis, the School Librarian, Mrs Fiona Swift is here to help you. The following points explain in detail how the Library operates.


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1.   Opening hours

The Class Library is open to undergraduates during term time only, Monday to Friday between 9.00 am and 5 pm. 

You may borrow books that are not reference or short loan on a self service system

2.   How to find books

Books are arranged by class mark order with class marks A through to HQ, reference books, dictionaries, oversize books and a separate case of Oxford Classical Texts and Short Loanin the room with a uniprint device. The other room contains books with all other class marks, including separate cases for Budés, and Loebs. Please do not take away any short loan, reference books and dictionaries and return them to their place after use.

You can use the Class Library’s computer, dedicated to searching the Library, to help you find the class mark or you can also search by author, title or keyword(s).
You can also browse the Classics donations collection, or search it by author or title.

If you cannot find a book on the shelf, or the trolley of books awaiting shelving it may have been borrowed by another user. Please check with the Librarian as a recall of the book(s) can be made (see 'recalling books' below).

3.   How to borrow books

Books (other than reference and short loan material) are available to borrow for two weeks in the first instance. Undergraduates can borrow up to TEN normal loan books at any one time.

In the Library search results, School of Classics Library books are marked as “Consult Department Library”, since the catalogue is computerised but the issuing system is a manual one. Classics donations collection books are not listed in SAULCAT, but you can browse the Classics donations collection separately. You should physically check the shelves for the item before consulting the Librarian.

Once you have found your book(s), you will need to complete a Borrowing Slip for each book you wish to borrow. These are to be found in the blue box next to the dedicated search computer in the class library (S6).

The completed form(s) both copies and all the books to be borrowed should be date stamped two weeks hence by yourself. Then the slips (both copies) placed in the blue box next to the dedicated search computer. Please take care to be precise when completing the forms as the copies are utilised for manual book location.

It is a serious offence to remove a book from the Class Library that has not been properly checked out as above.

You must not borrow books on someone else’s behalf or to swap books with friends.

In the event of damage, loss or the late return of books, you will be held responsible and will be asked to make full reparation.

4.   Short loan items

Short loan items are kept in the Class Libray Swallowgate (S6) on a separate bookcase near the uniprint device. These can be borrowed for use in the class library only and not taken away. Please be considerate of others wanting to use these that they are put back on the short loan bookcase in place and that you do not hold them for longer than necessary during the day.

Occasionally for some modules short loan items will be held in the library office (S8) as noted in the module booklet.

5.   Returning Books

It is your responsibility to make sure that all books you borrow are returned by the due date. Automatic overdue reminders are not issued. 

It is essential that all Class Library books are returned to the 'BOOK RETURNS' box situated in the class library S6 or in Swallowgate foyer. If the book will not fit into the slot in the book returns cabinet, please return it to support staff in office S8 only. Do not leave returned books on the trolley or elsewhere. 

6.   Reissuing/Renewal

If you want to extend the loan period of a book, then it can be renewed for an additional two weeks provided no other user has requested it. To renew this, you must bring the book and restamp the new due date in the book and complete another borrowing slip marked RENEWAL

7.   Fine rates

For a trial period we will not impose late fines for books overdue by a day or so, providing they have not been recalled.

The charges are set by the University Library. See Loan periods, recalls and fines for current rates, which we will administer if books are exceedingly late.

8.   Recalling Books

The Librarian will recall a book for you from another user but the original borrower is allowed up to 3 days to return it. The Librarian will email you when the book is available and it will be reserved for you for 3 days only. 

Similarly, the Librarian will recall books you have borrowed by email and failure to return them by the date requested will result in a fine of £1.00 per day late. Please return recalled book(s) as soon as possible, regardless of the date stamped in the book.

9.  Dissertations

Copies of some past dissertations are available from the class library office s8. These can be borrowed for consultation but should not be photographed/copied/scanned/digitised under any circumstances.

10. Electronic Resources

The Librarian also holds a small collection of resources on Video/DVD/CD-ROMs which your tutor may suggest you borrow. These are held by the Librarian in Room S8.

11. Holiday Lending

It may be possible to borrow books for a longer period. This must be arranged with the Librarian who will discuss your requirements and will try to meet your request.

12. General Points

  • Only bottled water is permitted in the Class Library.  
  • While you are not expected to be silent while in the Class Library, sustained or loud chatter is not allowed. Persistent offenders will be reported to the Head of School.
  • Mobile phones must be switched to silent at all times when in the Class Library.
  • Laptops may be used, but leads/cables must not trail or cross any walkway.
  • In common with the rest of the University, most communication with the Librarian will be via email e.g. for recalls, notification of books awaiting collection etc.

If you have any problems or questions about using the Class Library, please get in touch with the Librarian in the school office, or email



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