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New Staff/Student Information


The Admin team are a friendly first point of contact within the School, and can help with most things (or point you in the direction of someone who can). For more info, see here 

Computing/IT Support

In addition to the University IT Services, the School has a Computing Officer than can help you with all your IT-related needs. For more info see here 

Health and Safety

The safety and wellbeing of staff, students and visitors to the School is of the highest importance, and before you can enter any of the labs you are required to pass a Health and Safety competence test and have attended the H&S induction talk. For policy and procedure information, and more info about the test/talk, see here


In order to purchase item from Stores, you will first need to be issued with a barcoded Stores Card. For more info about the Stores and how to obtain a Stores Card, please see here