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School of Chemistry Athena SWAN Activities

Currently at Silver Level.  Webpage of Athena SWAN Self Assessment Team (SAT) activity from: 

Download: ASWAN Chem Bronze 2013 doc (PDF, 1,532 KB)

Download: ASWAN St Andrews Chemistry Silver 30 Apr 2014 (PDF, 1,868 KB)

5 Apr 2018: Rm 211C, 14:00

6 Dec 2017: Rm 211C, 11:00

12 February 2018: Alex Slawin took part in a panel discussion at an International Women in Science Day event organised by the Biology Society of the Universityof St Andrews.

6 February 2018: The book ‘Academic Women Here!’, edited by Sharon Ashbrook (Professor in Chemistry), Aileen Fyfe (History) and Ineke De Moortel (Mathematics and Statistics) was launched at the School of Chemistry. The book celebrates the diversity of research interests and career paths of female mid-career academics in the University, and also features Tanja van Mourik (Reader in Chemistry and Chemistry SAT Chair) and Rebecca Goss (Reader
in Chemistry).

10 November 2017: Interconnect Student Networking Evening for Women in STEM in St Andrews, School of Chemistry, St Andrews. Organised by Tanja Bykova, Interconnect Champion and PhD student in Chemistry. Tanja van Mourik gave a talk entitled “Career of a female computational chemist and Athena SWAN”.


19 June 2017: Rm 211C, 11:00

30 May 2017: Principal & Vice Chancellor of the University, Professor Sally Mapstone officially dedicated Chemistry’s Reading Room to Dr Ettie Stewart Steele. Dr Steele was the first female student to present a thesis for PhD in St Andrews  (1919, “The structure of mannitol”) and the first woman Lecturer (1920) in Chemistry. She worked her entire career at St Andrews and retired in 1956.

21 Feb 2017: Rm 211C, at 11:00.

30 Jan 2017: Rm 211C, at 11:00.

20 Dec 2016: Rm 211C, at 10:00.

19 Oct 2016: Rm 211C at 11:00.

31 Mar 2016: Rm 211C, at 10:00.

8 Sept 2015: Rm 314, at 11:00.

2 June 2015: Rm 314, at 10:00.

16 April 2015: Professor Sharon Ashbrook took part in the 'Breaking Through the Glass Ceiling: A Conversation with Women in Academia’ organised by the University at the Byre (

13 February 2015: Interconnect online student gender equality survey open for two weeks.

19 November 2014: Tanja van Mourik presented a presentation on the School of Chemistry’s Journey to Silver at the University Athena SWAN SAT meeting.

17 Nov 2014An article on the Athena SWAN awards has been published on Sci@StAnd (the University's online Science Magazine):

6 Nov 2014Tanja van Mourik attended the Athena SWAN Awards Ceremony at the University of Cambridge and collected the School’s Silver Award.

28 Oct 2014: Rm 214b, at 15:00.

26 September 2014: The Interconnect Introductory Meeting took place at the School of Chemistry, University of St Andrews.

24 Sept 2014Congratulations to the School of Chemistry in becoming the first School within the University to attain ‘Athena SWAN Departmental Award at Silver Level'.

23 April 2014. “Interconnect “Meet the academics speed dating event” took place at the School of Chemistry, University of St Andrews. This was organised by Rosanna Alderson (Interconnect Champion for St Andrews and member of the Chemistry Athena SWAN Team). Tanja van Mourik (Chair, Athena SWAN Team) took part in this event.

17 Apr 2014: Rm 214b at 11:30.

28 Mar 2014: SAT meeting, HoS's office, Rm 214b, at 10am.

25 Feb 2014: SAT meeting, HoS's office, Rm 214b, at 10am.

21 Feb 2014 - 14 Mar 2014: Gender Inclusion Staff Survey -

Open to All Staff in the School of Chemistry as part of the School's Athena SWAN initiative (2nd year). The School welcomes everyone’s feedback to help ensure that staffing policies and practices meet the needs of the diversity of all staff. Complete online:

Gender Survey Flyer Chem 2014 img

Gender Survey Flyer Chem 2014 (PDF, 379 KB) 

28 Nov 2013: SAT meeting, HoS's office, Rm 214b, at 10am.

4 Nov 2013: SAT meeting, HoS's office, Rm 214b, at 10am.

3 Oct 2013 10-11am: Theatre D, 3rd level of the Purdie building, School of Chemistry, St Andrews Equality for Women in Higher Education: Now, Sometime, Never?  Prof. Paul Walton seminar on ‘York's Athena SWAN experience’.  York's Chemistry Department were the first department in the UK to hold a ‘Gold Athena SWAN Award’. 

26 Sept 2013: Chemistry has become the first School within the University to attain the ‘Athena SWAN Departmental Award at Bronze Level’.

ASWAN Bronze Logo

17 July 2013: SAT meeting, HoS's office, Rm 214b, at 10:30am.

20 June 2013: School of Chemistry's Dr Tracey Gloster was awarded the L’Oreal-UNESCO For Women in Science Awards at The Royal Society in London for her work on understanding unusual forms of protein glycosylation (biochemistry).  The programme recognises the achievements of talented female scientists around the world, awarding them with fellowships to help support their research. aqw

13 June 2013: ScotCHEM Conference: All-female list of International high-profile speakers - Modelling the Chemistry and Biochemistry of Condensed Phases -

The School of Chemistry hosted the workshops, followed by a networking reception to promote women in science (open to all), key speakers included:    

  • Dr Tanja van Mourik (University St Andrews), The mutagenic action of 5-bromouracil.
  • Dr Carole Morrison (University of Edinburgh), Modelling photochemical reactions in condensed matter. Applications in time-resolved diffraction.
  • Prof Christine Orengo (University College London), Shifts in catalytic residues in enzyme families during evolution.
  • Prof Barbara Kirchner (University of Bonn, Germany), Understanding ionic (and molecular) liquids from theoretical methods.
  • Dr Barbara Holtz (Materials Design S.A.R.L.), Industrial applications of computational materials science. 

Picture of key speakers:

Women Speakers

It was inspiring for students and academics new to their role, to speak to the speakers in the Women in Science networking session. This is a wonderfully gender inclusive achievement under the ‘ScotCHEM’ umbrella.

30 April 2013: Rep and E&D Officer meeting (SAT by email) on final document submission. 

27 April 2013: SAT meeting, HoS's office, Rm 214b, at 2:30pm.

11 April 2013: SAT meeting, HoS's office, Rm 214b, at 11am.

13 Mar 2013: SAT meeting, HoS's office, Rm 214b, at 12pm.

15 Feb 2013: SAT meeting, Rm 204, at 10am. 

25 Jan 2013 - 15 Feb 2013: Gender Inclusion Staff Survey - 

Was open to All Staff in the School of Chemistry over 3 weeks.  As part of the School of Chemistry’s Athena SWAN initiative, the School welcomed everyone’s feedback to help ensure that staffing policies and practices meet the needs of the diversity of all staff.

Feedback was provided anonymously by completing the survey online: download the flyer: Chemistry Survey Flyer (PDF, 351 KB)

21 Dec 2012: SAT meeting, Rm 314, at 9:30am.

27 Nov 2012: 'Interconnect: Women in Science' event was attended by the School's Athena SWAN Rep, where Dr Tanja van Mourik actively networked with students and staff.  

Nov 2012: Dr Tanja van Mourik as the School's Athena SWAN Rep provided feedback into the Institutional submission document and Action Plan, plus had attended the Institutional Group.

20 Sep 2012: SAT planning meeting, Rm 151, at 11am.