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Thinking Allowed

Looking at issues in faith and society. All welcome, no matter your faith or background.

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Weekly on Thursday evenings, 8 - 9:30 pm

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28 January                What is a Christian?
4 February Religion divine and human.  What to make of certain challenging depictions of God in the Bible?  How to discern true from false prophets?
11 February

Migration and faith

18 February

Prayer: who, what, where, when, how and why

25 February Is Christianity hostile to the body?  Does it prioritize the intellectual and spiritual side of human being as true existence?    
4 March  What does our perception of time tell us about eternity?
11 March  How can we gain ethical standpoints from the Bible for our current society given the different historical context of the Bible (especially with regard to family/ marriage/ relationship/ sexuality)? Why should we turn to the Bible when it comes to moral or ethical issues?
18 March 

Justice divine and human


Spring Vacation

8 April

Is Christian mission even now a form of (Western) colonialism? How can we prevent it becoming imperialistic?

15 April

Churches and denominations

22 April 

Kingdom of God, eternal life and heaven



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