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Hearts of Light


Tuesdays at 5:15 pm.  See University Events Page for scheduled dates.

The world is in the midst of an almost unbelievable experience, and we in St Andrews are sharing in it.  The Chaplaincy team have been thinking about how we can mark the loss, fear, love and hope which we have witnessed, in a simple but powerful way.  And so we have organised Hearts of Light.

This will be a regular event, at 5.15 pm every Tuesday evening for 15 minutes at which chaplains, students, staff and others can safely gather, stand in one household within a heart painted on the St Salvator’s Quadrangle lawn, and light an LED lantern.  All will be welcome at the event, regardless of faith or philosophy of life.  There will be some words from a chaplain, or a faith society representative, or another University figure.  We will stand in solidarity with all affected by Covid, and light the lanterns as a sign of hope that we will return in time to less constrained lives of connection and community. 

Chaplaincy ushers will be on hand to guide people into the quad via the archway.  Initially there will be no need to book, or reserve a place.  We will have a card-reader for students and staff to tap, and a paper sheet for others to give contact details.  Ushers will tell people to move to the hearts, one household per heart.  There are 35 hearts; a lantern will already be in each heart.  After the event, ushers will guide people to leave between the Chapel and Social Anthropology, and out the gate on to North Street.

Further details from the Chaplaincy at


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