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Chaplaincy and faiths

We aim to provide support for the spiritual and religious needs of all staff and students, irrespective faith or philosophy of life. While the foundation of the University was Christian and this perspective has pervaded the University's life for centuries, it does not occur at the expense of people other faiths, who are also warmly welcomed at the University.  While the Chaplain is Christian he is also supportive  of students and staff practising, expressing and exploring other faiths.

At the Chaplaincy, through the use of the Mansefield building we offer hospitality to many faith societies.  People of different religions and belief backgrounds can come into contact with each other, through the Interfaith Steering Group and student societies promoting interfaith dialogue, for example the St Andrews Co-Existence Initiative (contact

People are welcome to attend each other’s worship, e.g. Muslim Prayers, Jewish Shabbat, Christian Services, Pagan festivals, and also attend each other’s societies.  If you would like further information about the Chaplaincy and faiths, particularly if you would like us to support new faith initiatives, please do not hesitate to get in touch.


The Chaplaincy Centre

3A St Mary's Place
St Andrews
KY16 9UY
Scotland, United Kingdom

Tel: +44 (0)1334 46 2866/2492

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