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Advisory Board [Top]

The centre's international Advisory Board comprises a group of leading macroeconomists and, ex officio, the University's Principal.

Professor of Economics,
Koç University
Professor V.V. Chari Professor of Economics, Minnesota University
Professor John Driffill Professor of Economics, Birkbeck College London and Visiting Professor, Yale-NUS College
Dr Sean Holly Professorial Fellow & President (Vice Master) of Fitzwilliam College, University of Cambridge
Professor Seppo Honkapohja Deputy Governor, Bank of Finland
Professor Anton Muscatelli Principal and Vice-Chancellor, University of Glasgow
Professor Kaushik Mitra Professor of Economics, University of Birmingham. Director of CDMA, 2010-2015
Professor Peter Sinclair Emeritus Professor of Economics, University of Birmingham
Professor Stephen J. Turnovsky Ford and Louisa Van Voorhis Professor of Political Economy, University of Washington
Professor Martin Weale Professor of Economics, King’s College London. Senior Research Fellow of the National Institute of Economic and Social Research (Director, 1995-2010)
Professor Michael Wickens Professor of Economics, University of York and Professor of Economics, Cardiff Business School
Professor Simon Wren-Lewis Professor of Economic Policy, Blavatnik School of Government, University of Oxford


Research Affiliates [Top]

Affiliated Members of the School

Dr Oliver de Groot
Professor George Evans
Dr Laurence Lasselle
Dr Peter Macmillan
Professor Rod McCrorie
Dr Gosia Mitka
Dr Katerina Petrova
Dr Ozge Senay
Dr Radoslaw (Radek) Stefanski
Professor Alan Sutherland


Senior Research Fellow

Professor Andrew Hughes-Hallett
Professor of Economics and Public Policy in the Schlar School of Policy and Government at George Mason University


External Research Affiliates

Dr Fabio Aricò Senior Lecturer in Macroeconomics, University of East Anglia
Professor Arnab Bhattacharjee Professor of Economics and Director, Spatial Economics and Econometrics Centre, Heriot-Watt University
Professor Keith Blackburn Professor of Economics, Manchester University
Professor David Cobham Professor of Economics, Heriot-Watt University Edinburgh
Dr Luisa Corrado Marie Curie Research Fellow
Professor Tatiana Damjanovic Professor of Macroeconomics, Durham University Business School
vlad Dr Vladislav Damjanovic Senior Lecturer in Economics, Durham University Business School
Dr Federico Di Pace PhD Economist, Bank of England
Professor Huw Dixon Professor of Economics, Cardiff University
Professor Christian Ewald Professor in Financial Economics and Head of Economics, Adam Smith Business School, University of Glasgow
Professor Anthony Garratt Professor of Economic Modelling and Forecasting, Warwick Business School
Dr Emanuel Gasteiger Assistant Professor in Macroeconomics, Freie Universität Berlin
Professor Sugata Ghosh Professor in Economics, Brunel University
Professor Aditya Goenka Chair in Economics, University of Birmingham
Dr Liam Graham Reader, University College London
Lecturer in Economics, University of York
Lecturer in Macroeconomics, University of Birmingham
Professor Campbell Leith Professor of Macroeconomics, University of Glasgow
Professor Paul Levine Professor of Economics, University of Surrey
Dr Agnieszka Markiewicz Assistant Professor, Erasmus University Rotterdam
Dr Richard Mash Official Fellow in Economics at New College, Oxford
Professor Patrick Minford Professor of Applied Economics, Cardiff Business School
Head of Market Operations Division, Banking Operations Department, Bank of Finland
Bonar-MacFie Chair in Political Economy, University of Glasgow. Director of CDMA, 2003-2010
Professor Gulcin Ozkan Professor of Economics, University of York
Professor Joe Pearlman Professor of Economics, City University London
Professor Neil Rankin Professor of Economics, University of York
Dr Ansgar Rannenberg IMK, Hans Böckler Stiftung
Professor Lucio Sarno Professor of Finance, Cass Business School
Professor Eric Schaling Jelle Zijlstra Chair of International Finance, Wits Business School
Professor Frank Smets Director General, Directorate General Research, European Central Bank and Professor of International Economics, Centre for Economic Studies, KU Leuven
Professor Peter N. Smith Professor of Economics and Finance, York University
Professor Robert Sollis Professor of Financial Economics, Newcastle University Business School
Professor Christoph Thoenissen Professor of Economics, University of Sheffield
Professor Peter Tinsley Professor of Economics, Birkbeck College London
Professor Mark Weder Professor of Economics, University of Adelaide

Research Associates [Top]

Jinyu Chen Financial intermediation in DSGE models
Erven Lauw The relationship between gender inequality and economic development
Hasiando Manik Learning and Rational Expectation in Macroeconomics
Ibrahim Okumu Public Finance, Governance and Economic Development
Ning Zhang Open market macroeconomics


Research Associate Destinations

First Destination
(Current Position)
Nikola Bokan
Croatian National Bank
Farid Boumediene
National Institute of Economic Research (NIER)-Sweden
Johannes Geissler 2010 senior consultant, DEVnet (specialist credit risk, BayernLB)
vlad Vladislav Damjanovic
Lecturer of Economics, University of St Andrews
Michal Horvath
Adviser to the Finance Minister, Ministry of Finance of the Slovak Republic (Nuffield College, Oxford)
Elisa Newby
Fitzwilliam College, University of Cambdridge (Senior Economist, Bank of Finland)
Ansgar Rannenberg
National Bank of Belgium
Qi Sun
Hong Kong Monetary Authority
Alex Trew
Lecturer of Economics, University of St Andrews