Robert Capa: "Immigrants arriving at Haifa, 1949" © Cornell Capa

Robert Capa: "Immigrants arriving at Haifa, 1949" © Cornell Capa

Come to terms with what all human beings have in common, for better or for worse, and see, beneath the surface of cultural differences, comparable imperatives, logics, and dispositions.

Michael Jackson

We are all human. Don't take more specific classifications seriously.

Ernest Gellner

COSMOPOLITAN STUDIES is an ontological project, endeavouring to define the human, its capacities and liabilities as universalities beyond differences of social, cultural and historical condition.

Cosmopolitan Studies is a methodological project, endeavouring to find ways best to approach and know the human.

Cosmopolitan Studies is a political project, endeavouring to secure the freedoms and rights of human expression and to nurture the capacities of human expression over and above the contingencies of social, cultural and historical circumstances.

The ST. ANDREWS CENTRE FOR COSMOPOLITAN STUDIES exists to explore the implications and the possibilities of Cosmopolitanism, which is understood as compassing: the complexity of global social and cultural settings; the experience of the individual citizen; and the openness of a just society. The Centre promotes an egalitarian, existentially sensitive, social science which seeks to place individual experience at the centre of an appreciation of contemporary social and cultural milieux, for the purpose of adumbrating the ethical space of the citizen in a plural and fluid society.

The Centre convenes seminars and conferences, hosts visiting fellows, funds studentships and publishes the results of its research. The Centre also collaborates with other researchers, projects and research institutions. In all it promotes deliberation on a set of issues (identity, social inclusion, migration, recognition, entitlement, sovereignty, belonging and rights) fundamental for a knowledge of, and purchase upon, the individual membership of social and cultural milieux in the twenty-first century.

For further information, contact:

Dr Huon Wardle
Director, Centre for Cosmopolitan Studies
Department of Social Anthropology
University of St. Andrews
North Street
St. Andrews
KY16 9AL

Telephone: +44 (0) 1334-462982



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