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First Impressions: discovering the earliest human footprints in Europe

August 22, 2014

Archaeologists including Dr Richard Bates have found the earliest human footprints known outside Africa, at Happisburgh on the Norfolk coast.

Digitising cave art will prevent it being lost forever

April 13, 2014

A rescue mission is underway on the Scottish coast north of Edinburgh. Jonathan’s Cave, with its rare trove of 1500-year-old rock art, risks being flooded by the sea or buried in a landslide. But rather than fight the elements researchers have opted to save the cave by putting the whole thing on the internet.

Take a (Virtual) Tour of St.Andrew’s Cathedral in the year 1318

November 5, 2013

An Open Virtual Worlds project is allowing people in 2013 to go back nearly seven hundred years to explore one of Scotland’s most important medieval cathedrals.