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PhD researchers

The years you spend working toward your PhD should provide a great many opportunities to develop your CV along the way. This section of our website offers you guidance on how to approach these opportunities, what’s available in the way of career support and development, and how to consider what comes next once you’ve written up your thesis.

It can help to think of your PhD studies as your first graduate job. Keep good office hours, present yourself professionally and keep in mind what you might do once you graduate. If you allow your PhD to be just an extension of your student days, you’re setting yourself up to fail. Our Students pages will provide you with a wealth of careers advice, but some of the key areas specific to your PhD can be found in this section. 

St Leonard's CollegeSt Leonards College

As a research postgraduate, you are part of the university's St Leonard's College, the central institution for all students enrolled on postgraduate study courses. The St Leonard's website contains additional links and information on the staff and administration behind the college.  Details of the St Leonard's-Santander Research Mobility Scholarships are now available.


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