St Andrews Summer Internships Scheme 2021 and ST.A.F.F (St Andrews Flexible Fund) Programme 


Applications for the St Andrews Summer Internship Scheme 2021 are now closed.





The St Andrews Summer Internships Scheme provides interesting and challenging paid, project-based work experiences, within a variety of professional service units of the University, during the summer vacation.‌


Who is eligible to apply?

  • Registered 2nd and 3rd year University of St Andrews undergraduates
  • Registered 3rd and 4th year University of St Andrews undergraduates enrolled on a 5-year degree

What are the aims and outcomes of the scheme?

  • The main intention is to provide good quality, challenging experiences to help students in making successful applications, for graduate positions, later in their University career.
  • Valuable work experience and feedback on performance.
  • Eligibility to apply for the University's Internship Experience Certificate which allows the experience to be evidenced on your academic transcript.

What can I expect once on the scheme?

  • An induction at the start, which will include an introduction to the overall purpose of the unit in which you are working, together with an explanation of its different functions.
  • A real-life project to work on, through which you will gain insight into the knowledge and skills needed to function successfully in your area of work.
  • The internships will start any time from Monday 7 June and be completed by Friday 3 September 2021. 
  • 36 hours and 15 minutes each week for up to 6 weeks.
  • The successful execution of useful tasks within the unit, designed to replicate the challenges of working at graduate level.

What financial support can I expect?

  • A vacational scholarship of £344.37 per week paid monthly.

Can I apply for more than one internship?

  • Each eligible applicant may apply for up to three internships within this scheme (but may accept only one).

What do I do next?


If you have any further questions about the scheme before applying, please email 


ST.A.F.F (St Andrews Flexible Fund) Programme              


ST.A.F.F is a fund that the University of St Andrews has made available to support Units and Schools all across the University to help to recruit students in part-time jobs, internships and support volunteering opportunities. Students will gain valuable paid work experience with the host departments.


Key Facts

  • All vacancies on the ST.A.F.F Programme will be advertised under Look Local on CareerConnect when available.
  • Students will be paid for part-time jobs and internships under the ST.A.F.F Programme.
  • In principle, vacancies on the ST.A.F.F Programme are open to all St Andrews students. But host departments might have requirements on applicants’ year of study or academic background and experience for specific roles.
  • Please note, vacancies will be uploaded all year round, so make sure to check CareerConnect regularly if you are interested in applying.
  • It is important to make sure that your total work hours are compliant with your maximum work-hour restrictions. Please refer to the regulation that applies to your visa category.
  • In support of local opportunities and when approved by host departments, we can also pay up to 2 hours per month for volunteering work you engage with whilst on the programme, to reflect Corporate Social Responsibility.