St Andrews Summer Internships Scheme

A number of challenging and interesting internships of 4 or 6 weeks each within different units of the University of St Andrews will be available during the 2018 summer vacation.

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The Scheme

Eligible applicants:  Registered and matriculated University of St Andrews undergraduates who will graduate in 2019 or 2020, and who have not previously held an internship as part of this scheme.

At the beginning of each internship the student will be given an induction which will include an introduction to the overall purpose of the unit, as well as an explanation of the different functions within it. The intern will be given a real-life project to carry out, through which they will gain insight into the knowledge and skills needed to function successfully in that particular area of work. The intern will be required to keep a journal of their experiences and what they have learned from them, and will receive regular feedback on their performance.

The intern will carryout useful tasks within the unit through the project they complete, which has been specifically devised for the graduate level working challenges which it provides. The primary motivation in offering these internships is to ensure that the intern receives and can communicate valuable insights about the requirements of working within an organisation, and can provide evidence to future employers about their successful contribution to a particular project.

The University will provide the following financial support for each intern: a vocational scholarship of £284 per week to cover the intern’s self-organised board and lodging and/or accommodation within a University Hall of Residence for the period of the internship (where available and up to the same amount). Please note that university accommodation will not be available during the week beginning 4 June 2018.

Each eligible applicant may apply for up to 3 internships within this scheme (but may accept only one).

The deadline for applications by CV and covering letter is midnight on the date specified.   Before you start, please read this advice about the application process.

After you apply:  Most interviews will take place between Monday 2 April and Friday 13 April.   You should expect to hear whether or not you've been shortlisted for interview by Friday 6 April.  Occasionally it may take us longer to let you know, for example if you have been placed on an interview reserve list (to be called for interview if another candidate withdraws their application).

If you have any queries about the scheme, please email with the subject line ‘St Andrews Summer Internships Scheme Query’.