Careers Centre Summer Internship Award for Change

Application deadline: Sunday 5 May 2019.



The main purpose of the internship should be to bring about 'positive change' to an organisation, cause, others or yourself.  The host organisation must be 'not-for-profit', ie voluntary, charitable or a social enterprise and can be overseas - this is to encourage participation by students who are not catered for by the typical internships offered by commercial or large public organisations.

The internship must contribute to 'graduate' level work.  It should be project based with defined tasks and definite outcomes.  This will ensure the student is better placed to pursue their career options after graduation, both in terms of their work understanding as well as in demonstrable, relevant experience.



  • Available to matriculated undergraduate students who are not in their final year.
  • Internship must offer 'graduate' level work.
  • Full award normally for 4 weeks duration or more.
  • This award does not cover internships which require any fee or fundraising
  • Project outline upload - this must include details of the work/project you will be contributing to, details of the tasks, outcomes and personal benefits for future career options.
  • Travel expenses upload - travel expenses and/or living costs, a detailed break-down of the most economical researched example for the costs required to be covered by this award.  The award will not cover any costs already covered by the organisation or volunteer fee payments to the organisation.

Before funds can be released, an internship agreement should be completed.  You will also be required to submit a report and a case study of the internship, which will be displayed on the Careers Centre website, as well as acting as an ambassador for the award.



The award can fund travel expenses and/or living costs of up to £1000. 



Apply through the MySaint portal

On the My Applications tab you will find the Scholarships and Funding Catalogue, select academic year 2018/19. Filter, eg type Careers and the scholarship will auto filter in the list.  Then click apply.


The application deadline is 5 May 2019.