Internship Experience Certificate


What is it?

We offer an Internship Experience Certificate to recognise students who have undertaken professional level work experience for a minimum of four weeks through a structured programme in any industry or organisation, anywhere in the world. To qualify, you’ll have to give evidence of how you’ve developed your career seeking and employability skills.

The university currently only offers the Internship Experience Certificate to undergraduate students.  We therefore don’t have authority to recognise work experience undertaken by postgraduate students.  In addition, if an internship is part of an individual’s studies, we are not able to recognise it through the Internship Experience Certificate.


Examples of formal, structured internships organised through the Careers Centre and the university:


How do I achieve it?

You need to submit a work experience case study. Your case study will be reviewed by the Careers Centre Information Manager, who will arrange for the Internship Experience Certificate to appear on your academic transcript, provided your case study meets an acceptable standard.


Case Study

Your case study should be between 700-1,000 words. You should answer the questions as fully as possible. Although optional, providing a picture of yourself will make your case study more engaging to the reader.  Have a look at a variety of case studies on our website.


Support documentation

When an employer/organisation requests formal support from the university for a future internship, the Careers Centre can provide students with the necessary support documentation, eg Convention de Stage, supporting letters.

By accepting formal support documentation from the university, you enter into an agreement with the Careers Centre to provide us with a suitable case study for our website once you have completed your internship.


Further details

If you have any questions regarding the Internship Experience Certificate or case studies, please contact Tracey Dall, Information Manager.