Work Experience Case Study: Eliza

Personal details
Degree:Classical Studies & Comparative Literature .
School(s): School of Classics
Year of Graduation:Jun-2016
National of: Hong Kong
Employment details
Organisation: Landscope Christie's Hong Kong
Job title: Sales & Marketing Assistant
Occupational Sector: Sales
How did you find out about the opportunity ?
Careers Centre website.
How did you apply ?
I sent in CV and covering letter.
How were you selected ?
I completed an application form which contained a list of questions, then had a telephone interview with one person.
Why were you successful?
A clear head which enabled me to answer several situational questions.
What skills/ knowledge from your degree have you found particularly helpful in this role?
Multitasking and organisational skills (vital to a joint-degree student) proved to be very useful in an office environment.
What have you been doing?
Landscope Christie's is a small company; therefore I had the opportunities to know all my co-workers, to befriend with some and to speak to the boss sometimes. There was no fixed template for the interns; given our differences in abilities and interests we were given different duties. In the first few weeks, I updated the client database by making thousands of phone calls. Later I was assigned to other tasks, including writing listings, researching overseas property markets and assisting exhibitions, etc. Apart from office work, I also helped organise the annual dinner, which was really exciting.
What are the main things you have gained from this experience?
I discovered some new interests which may give me more career options in the future.