Work Experience Case Study: Megan

Personal details
Degree:Classics .
School(s): School of Classics
Year of Graduation:Jun-2011
National of: United Kingdom
Employment details
Organisation: British School at Athens
Job title: Work experience
Occupational Sector: Archaeology
How did you find out about the opportunity ?
Dr Sweetman suggested I make an application to the British School at Athens (BSA).
How did you apply ?
The application process was relatively simple- filling in a form and obtaining a reference from a member of staff at the University. I tried to be honest in my form as to why I wanted to go on the course and how it would be beneficial. As an archaeology student, going to see the sites that I had or would be studying helped to put many places into context, not only as an individual site, but in the make up of the rest of Greece and the interaction that would occur between these regions. Being able to experience the archaeology and Greece first hand meant more than any words on paper. Students who are concerned about the cost implications of this opportunity should not be put off applying, as I found both the University and the BSA extremely helpful and supportive with financial issues.
How were you selected ?
Why were you successful?
What skills/ knowledge from your degree have you found particularly helpful in this role?
What have you been doing?

A typical day usually involved a very early run in the morning to beat the heat of the day. You will probably be glad to hear that this was far from compulsory. Breakfast often had many delicious Greek treats like their yogurt and honey and we were usually out fairly sharpish to again, miss the heat of the day. The trip was integrated between on site teaching and museum trips. A lot of time was spent in Athens, but to help create a good foundation, this was fundamental. Later on, we hopped about from site to site, staying in a variety of places. Pylos and Nauplion stand out as beautiful areas that we had the pleasure of staying at. The view at Mistras was spectacular and very picturesque. After morning and afternoon tours and visits, the evenings were generally a time for you. So whether that was relaxing in a restaurant or bar with friends, or simply taking in the atmosphere, much fun was usually had along with some mischief.

What are the main things you have gained from this experience?
The trip to the BSA has helped in every module I have taken in my Honours years in one way or another. Whether that be putting sites into context, or showing me artifacts, to more broader issues of how neighbours, enemies and equals interact, what factors are important to certain societies and how good and bad archaeological practises are carried out. I learnt a great deal about preservation, conservation and what makes a good museum display and it made me consider the different perspectives people have of the past and the disputes that can arise from it. I am so thankful that I had the chance to go on the trip and it made me realise there are opportunities to work with Classics after University. It definitely inspired me to work in archaeology and if it is under the Mediterranean sun, all the better!