Interviews can be the most nerve-wracking part of the job hunting process. Preparation is the way to calm interview nerves and give you the best chance of success. Careers advisers and employers run interview workshops - check events for details and to register.

Ten tips for interview success‌

  1. Revise the employer research you did when you made your application and do some more homework on the organisation.  Network with alumni and others to find out detailed information about the employer and the role.
  2. Re-read your application to refresh your memory about the skills you said you had for the role; think of additional examples to match the requirements.
  3. Think about the questions you're likely to be asked. Read the Careers Centre quick guide on Interviews & Assessment Centres (PDF, 495 KB)
  4. Write down and practise saying your answers outloud. Use the STAR technique (PDF, 416 KB) for competency based interview questions.
  5. Prepare some questions to ask them - three is ideal.  Make sure the answers to these can't be found on their website. 
  6. Watch the video Making an impact: The graduate job Interview, featuring real students and graduates being interviewed by actual recruiters.
  7. Leave the discussion about contractual details - start date, holidays, salary - until you've been offered the job.
  8. Attend an interview skills workshop at the Careers Centre
  9. Think about what you're going to wear beforehand - look smart and well groomed - you're not an employee yet so even if the organisation has a casual dress code, don't be attempted to dress down at this stage.
  10. You'll be under scrutiny from the moment you walk through the door so smile and be friendly to everyone you meet.  Eye contact and a firm handshake make a good impression.


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