International qualifications

Many application forms for graduate training schemes in the UK have a question about UCAS points.  These are points allocated to a range of (mainly UK) qualifications obtained at around the age of 18 and were developed for use as a basis for university entrance.   If your international qualifications do not appear on the UCAS Tariff table, list your actual qualifications and grades on the application form, explaining your grade in context, eg 1 = top grade on scale 1-5, or by giving a % score).   If there is a mandatory question asking for your UCAS points total on an online application form try telephoning the company to ask what they want you to do, or insert a number larger than the minimum number of UCAS points required and use the ‘note’, ‘additional information’ or ‘mitigating circumstances’ section of the form to further explain your qualifications.

It is possible to get a general comparison of your qualifications with UK qualifications from the National Academic Recognition Information Centre for the UK (NARIC). NARIC have an advice line for simple queries from students - telephone +44 (0)871 330 7033. There is a charge if you require a written assessment of your international qualifications and NARIC cannot convert your scores for overseas qualifications into UCAS points.