Academic related work opportunities for research students at the University of St Andrews

Many postgraduate research students seek academic-related work experience – ie tutoring or research assistance – which can boost their employability for both future academic and non-academic posts. There are usually opportunities within the University’s academic schools, the University’s professional service units, eg CAPOD and Student Services.


Access relevant opportunities via CareerConnect:

  1. Log into CareerConnect
  2. Choose 'Vacancies' > 'Find Vacancy' from top menu
  3. Go to taskbar on left of page ('Refine search')
  4. Choose 'Business Areas' > 'Teaching and Research'
  5. Choose 'Locations' >'Scotland - East Scotland (Dundee, Tayside, St Andrews, Fife)'
  6. Choose 'Vacancy Type'>'Part-time jobs for St Andrews PGRs'