PSC Award

The Professional Skills Curriculum (PSC) programme is based around the University’s 20 graduate attributes, which are the knowledge, skills and capabilities that the University seeks to give all students the opportunity to develop throughout their time at St Andrews.

To register, you first need to request a place on the PSC programme using the PDMS booking system. You will then need to:

  1. Complete eight workshops, including at least one from each graduate attribute category. After each workshop, you should reflect on the workshop and log your graduate attribute development on the University's Graduate Attribute portal. Workshops can be live or recorded. If you view a recorded workshop, make a note of what you have viewed and list these in the front sheet of your reflective essay (Word) so the PSC team can verify your attendance.

  2. Write a 1,500-word reflective essay about your experience of the PSC programme (essay guidance notes can be found on Moodle) and submit by 1 June (or 23 May if you are a graduating student).

After this, the PSC team will send your certificate as a PDF to your University email address. If you would prefer to receive a hard copy, please send a request to explaining whether you want to collect your certificate in person or receive it by post.

You will also receive an electronic badge you can add to your LinkedIn profile, and your HEAR transcript will be updated to reflect your completion of the programme if you are still a current student.