What we offer

All appointments are currently being held via Microsoft Teams and are bookable online via CareerConnect.


Careers appointment (15 minutes)

These sessions cover quick queries relating to:

  • Careers information resources
  • Finding work experience/internships/graduate job opportunities
  • Postgraduate study options and personal statement feedback
  • Preparing for interviews
  • Improving job applications/personal statements (please bring a copy of application form/personal statement)
  • Finding useful contacts
  • Preparing for psychometric tests for jobs and internships
  • Module choice in relation to career options

CV, covering letter and LinkedIn advice (15 minutes)

This appointment type runs in term-time only. Outside of term-time, please book a Careers Appointment.

These sessions cover questions relating to:

  • Feedback for developing your CV, Covering Letters and LinkedIn profiles. Please ensure you upload the relevant document or LinkedIn profile url to your appointment booking.

Please note, application form and further study personal statement feedback is provided through our Careers Appointments.

Careers Guidance appointments (45 minutes)

These appointments can only be made through a referral by a Careers Adviser during an initial 15 minute Careers Appointment.

Careers guidance appointments are available for more complex career related issues, including:

  • 'I don't know what I want to do'
  • Exploring, comparing and deciding upon career options
  • Job hunting strategy
  • Course change/year out advice
  • Equality/diversity issues

Practice Interviews (45 minutes)

We offer two main set-ups for Practice Interviews:

  1. Full interview practice simulation where the Careers Adviser can come prepared with questions, and then provide feedback.
  2. An informal conversation about interview strategy/tips/advice.

 Please note:

  • We cannot provide feedback on detailed technical/subject-specific questions.
  • Feedback will be given on your answers either at the end of the interview, or after each question, along with tips to develop your technique.
  • We can provide help to prepare for different types of interviews (eg panel, video, telephone, competency-based).
  • Careers Advisers will do their best to simulate an interview but will not be able to predict the exact questions or interview format you may experience.

Enterprise appointments (15 minutes)

These sessions cover your quick queries relating to:

  • An idea for a business, social enterprise or enterprising project
  • Starting a business, social enterprise or becoming self-employed as a career choice
  • Tier 1 Start-up visa endorsement process
  • Finding opportunities to build enterprise capabilities and skills
  • Entries for competitions
  • Funding options for start-ups
  • Enterprise information resources
  • Finding useful contacts

Online guidance

For students and alumni (within three years of graduation) who are unable to access one of our bookable appointments, the Careers Centre offers the option of submitting online careers queries. Submit an online query via CareerConnect.

The Careers Centre seeks to reply to all such queries within 5 working days. 

Online guidance terms and conditions(PDF, 120 KB)



Our appointments are open to:

  • All matriculated University of St Andrews students
  • Alumni (within three years of graduation)
  • Staff members (graduate level)

Read our Eligibility policy for further details.


Booking an appointment

  • All appointments are currently being held via Microsoft Teams until further notice. More information can be found at IT support. Download our guide Microsoft Teams joining instructions (PDF, 314 KB)
  • When booking an appointment, please ensure your contact details are up to date on CareerConnect and on the booking form.
  • Please ensure you join the MS Teams appointment at the scheduled start time - if you do not join within the first 5 minutes of the appointment we will consider you absent.
  • We are unable to review documents, eg CVs or applications, before the appointment time (unless your appointment is a Practice Interview). Instead, we will ask you to share them with us when you book your appointment on Career Connect. The Careers Adviser will then screenshare via Teams at the start of the appointment.  


When can I book?

  • 15 minute Careers Appointments, CV Adviser appointments and Enterprise Appointments are released at 18:00 GMT every day, bookable for the following day.
  • Careers Guidance Appointments (after a referral has been made) and Practice Interviews can be booked up to 28 days in advance, and no later than 3 days in advance. This is to ensure the Careers Adviser has enough time to prepare for these appointments.
  • All appointments are available Monday to Friday.


How can I book?

  • Careers appointments, CV Adviser appointments, Enterprise appointments and Practice Interviews are all bookable online via CareerConnect.
  • Careers Guidance Appointments (45 minutes) can only be booked after a referral by a Careers Adviser during an initial Careers Appointment.
  • Users can book a maximum of two Careers appointments per week and two CV appointments per week.
  • Users are also entitled to two Career Guidance Appointments and two Practice Interview appointments per semester.
  • Enterprise Appointments are normally available at least one day each week.


Cancelling an appointment

Demand for appointments is high. Users are expected to cancel any appointment they are unable to attend through CareerConnect

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How to prepare for an appointment