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Investment banking and investment management

About this sector

You can read information about role responsibilities, salary, working hours, what to expect, qualifications, skills, work experience, career prospects and related roles on the following Prospects Job Profiles:

You might also see other job profiles of interest in the accountancy, banking and finance profiles page (which gives links to the 33 profiles in the sector).

TargetJobs and Inside Careers also provide an overview of working in this sector, and detailed descriptions of the roles.


How to gain experience/internships


Spring Insight Programmes - opportunities for 2nd years (occasionally 1st years)



Summer Internships - opportunities for penultimate year students (or final year undergraduates proceeding onto a masters)


Job search websites for investment banking/management internships and work experience


Alternative resources and advice


How to get a (graduate) job

Investment Banking graduate training schemes

Many of the world's top financial institutions offer investment banking graduate training schemes. These are very popular and competition can be fierce. The majority recruit graduates from any degree discipline, although an interest in finance and numeracy skills may often be advantageous. The most successful applicants from St Andrews are not necessarily those with a finance related degree but those that know what the sector does and the roles involved.


Job search websites


Job search advice


Alternative resources


Applications, interviews and assessment centres

Before you even start to look for a job, make sure your are able to articulate in your application your motivation to work in your chosen role and your understanding of the sector and the main current issues affecting this area. Showing an interest in the current financial markets is also beneficial; read the Financial Times or/and The Economist, have a knowledge of the current state of the Stock Market etc.

If applying to Investment Management you must know the difference between Investment Management and Investment Banking - Fidelity Worldwide Investments say this is the number one mistake students make in their application and at interview.


Application deadlines


Late opportunities


The process


Online applications


These websites have a wealth of advice on making applications and psychometric tests:


Finance CV/Resume


Employer-specific interview questions


Relevant Postgraduate Study - is it a requirement?

St Andrews graduates (especially from non-finance related degrees), often enrol on a relevant postgraduate course. Graduates from finance-related degrees enrol on more specialised postgraduate courses. NB If you are a final year student with a place on a Masters programme, you can apply for a summer internship, as technically you are still in your penultimate year of study.

Non finance related courses

Former graduates have enrolled on the following courses:

Finance–related courses

Former graduates have enrolled on the following courses:

Read the efinancial careers article The best UK schools for working in finance.

Search for relevant postgraduate courses on Prospects.

For further information on researching and planning for a postgraduate qualification, please visit the postgraduate study page.

Key UK resources

Careers Centre resources


Use CareerConnect, your central careers hub, to:




The Careers Centre has a small selection of finance related reference books which are kept in the University Library.


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General finance-related careers information


Professional Bodies, Trade Organisations & Journals/Magazines


Industry news


International resources

The USA job market and recruitment timetables, for both internships and graduate jobs, for sectors of employment often differ from the UK.

The Careers Centre subscribes to the reputable independent USA careers information and vacancy provider Vault. The links below will take you directly to Vault subscription resources which cover this sector. You may find further useful and relevant resources linked from there as well.