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Work Shadowing Programme

Deadline for Host Registration: 21 February 2020

The best way to learn about a potential career path is by observing someone who knows from experience. St Andrews is running a world-wide shadow programme whereby alumni, parents and other friends of the university can indicate whether they are available/willing to host a student (or students) at their place of work for a day.

This programme enables engagement between students and alumni, parents, and friends who might not have the time to engage in a more detailed mentorship program. Work Shadowing opportunities for a current student, while not demanding a great deal of time for the prospective host. While we hope that the student can learn valuable information from your experience, there is absolutely no obligation or expectation to engage with a participant after the shadow day.

How it works

Between June 1 and September 1 2020, we ask that for one (or more!) days you are available for a student or students to shadow you at your place of work. You are free to decide which day, and for how long the student is welcome to follow (one day, one week, etc).

After registering, your details will be kept private. We will advertise the industries and locations of all of the entries we have to students, who will then apply to the shadowing opportunities which are of interest to them. The CVs of the students who have expressed interest in your shadowing opportunity will then be passed onto you for you to select which student or students you wish to take.

NB This is a worldwide event. We welcome you to take part regardless of where you are geographically!

If at any time, you feel that you will no longer be available for a day during that time period, you only need to email us at, and we will remove the industry/location listing, and inform the student(s) if applicable.

Some previous host feedback…

 "It’s great to feel a connection again to the University after being away for a few years."  - Sean Dugan. 

 "The high calibre of individuals who participated further supports the credibility of the programme." - Bryan Scarfone.


Please remember to register your opportunity by 21 February 2020. If you have any questions about registering, the experience or register and find that you can no longer be available, please email and we will update your information.

Your information will not be shared with other organisations, mailing lists, etc.