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Case Study: Vishwanath Sankaran

Personal details
Degree:MLitt Marketing Profile picture
School(s): School of Management
Year of Graduation:Sep-2009
National of: India
Employment details
Organisation: Kelkoo UK Ltd
Job title: Product & Content Manager
Occupational Sector: Market Research
What has been your route to getting your current position?
An internship with a start-up internet company in London paved the way to my current role. The pay wasn't great but the experience was. I would urge new graduates to not overlook internships as you gain contacts which will help you a long way.
What does your job involve ?
I'm currently the Product & Content Manager for a leading price comparison company in Europe. My job is a mix of different responsibilities like improving user experience, analytics, increasing site content, increasing merchant conversion, partnerships management, Ad space management, social media marketing etc.
What are the best bits of your job ?
The best bits of my job are everything. As we tend to operate in small teams, I get to work on different parts of the business. If I have to specifically mention a few bits, it will be testing new features on the site and analysing user behaviour and trends and making predictions.
Why were you successful?
It is always difficult to impossible to get the right job just after graduation. It's best to grab any opportunity that you are given than being picky in the initial could be an internship, work experience or a graduate job. I would recommend an internship as it is also a testing ground for you. If you don't like the job/sector, you can do something different without it affecting your CV.
What skills/ knowledge from your degree have you found particularly helpful in this role?
My degree involved a lot of debating - both the electives I chose was about sitting around a table with 12 others debating for 3 hours straight. This very vocal exchange of ideas opened me up as I am known to be a bit reserved. It gave me the confidence to speak openly and interact with people freely which I think is more important in an interview/office than the degree itself.
What advice would you give to students wishing to follow the same path?
Ecommerce is probably the fastest growing sector now. It is always interesting to work in this sector as nothing stays still for more than a year. There is constant innovation, expansion and a lot of fun.