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Case Study: Anya Pramayudyani

Personal details
Degree:Master of Letters in International Business Profile picture
School(s): School of Management
Year of Graduation:Nov-2011
National of: Indonesia
Employment details
Organisation: Capco
Job title: Associate Consultant
Occupational Sector: Management Consulting
What has been your route to getting your current position?

I have always been attracted to the field of consulting and focused solely on the industry when I finished my studies in St Andrews and applied to graduate roles. With this focus in mind, I was able to tailor my approach to suit the consulting industry and highlight strengths and competencies that are sought after by leading companies. I used the usual websites to apply to several companies (Milkround, Times Best Employers, etc) but gave special attention to companies advertising on the University of St Andrews Careers Centre website as they had already made an initial step in reaching out to students from the university. I noticed Capco’s advertisement on the St Andrews website and remembered that the name sounded familiar. I realised that I had seen it before on the Times Top 100 Best Companies to work for list and it was ranked as #27. I did my research and applied, attended the Assessment Centre which revealed their unique and incredibly fun culture – and finally found the company I had been looking for.

What does your job involve ?

As an associate consultant in Capco’s Associate Talent Program I received two weeks of intensive training on consulting and industry knowledge. The graduate program itself is really interesting, with real actors being called in to give us an ‘acting class’ and the two weeks ending with a team building weekend in Yorkshire – which was really fun. After the two weeks we are assigned to real projects on client site with a wide variety of roles. Capco’s focus on Tier 1 Financial Institutions has given us incredible exposure to the world’s largest banks and capital market firms. Our roles vary from restructuring a leading bank’s financial reporting structure to helping a US wealth management institution transition into an acquisition. We are trusted to directly interact with senior clients and yet are constantly given amazing levels of support from senior consultants. Everyone is so approachable and the hierarchy is really flat which makes work a much more enjoyable process.

What are the best bits of your job ?

The realisation that the work I do every day has real impact on the financial market and contributes to the collective effort to make it better and more sustainable. I have always had a passion for finance and consulting so it is extremely rewarding to be exactly where I want to be. The Capco motto is “Love what you do and you never have to work a day in your life” and this became a reality for me. It is also important to highlight the strong sense of community in Capco and how everyone is always eager to be involved in the many social events organised and run by Capco consultants. From the annual ski trip which is the highlight of the year to an international rowing competition (held in our kitchen with a live stream to the US office) to raise money for Comic relief – consultants of all levels and partners are always a part of the action. It is such a young culture bursting with energy so it brings a certain flair of fun into corporate life.

Why were you successful?

I think I was successful in being selected to join Capco because I was the right fit for the company, as much as the company was the right fit for me. Seeing all of my colleagues in my intake, we all have distinctive similarities yet also possess unique differences that add some colour into the Capco picture. It is seen as quite important to have previous work or internship experiences and a strong and dynamic personality. The assessment centre was as much a test of individuality as it is a test of competency. The Capco culture is a very important element of the company’s success and incredible growth, so they worked very hard in ensuring that new joiners fit into that Capco personality. 

What skills/ knowledge from your degree have you found particularly helpful in this role?

My particular degree in St Andrews was very relevant to my role as it had quite a large emphasis on strategy which is very useful. More so than the content itself, the soft skills acquired from team work activities and doing presentations are still very useful as a consultant. Writing a dissertation is also a good exercise as I learned how to process a huge amount of information, digest key data and turn it into a much more manageable content, which is a very valuable skill in consulting as you always face large quantities of very complex and industry specific information that at first seems like a completely different language. The ability to work with what you know and move forward with information that you understand until you reach a point where you finally have a good understanding of various degrees of complexities is a key skill. It is all about the art of the possible – you are not expected to understand everything on day one, but what is important is how you manage yourself with whatever information you have in your hands to work with.

What advice would you give to students wishing to follow the same path?

My advice is to really know who you are and what you want out of a job. This realisation does not come instantly but after interviewing with a few companies and applying to a lot of places you will eventually know exactly what kind of place you want to be in. I have always hated the notion of leaving university and its amazing social aspect - which made Capco a very easy transition for me as the social life in Capco is as close as a corporate firm can be to a university atmosphere. If you are looking for a professionally challenging place to work with a strong commitment to its community then a company like Capco would be the right fit for you. However, if you are more geared towards long hours and a more hierarchical environment then probably stick to an older firm. If you are ready to commit to working hard and playing hard then Capco is the place for you.

Since this case study was written, Anya has been promoted to a Consultant (February 2014).