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Case Study: Callum Reid

Personal details
Degree:M.A (Hons) Management Profile picture
School(s): School of Management
Year of Graduation:Jun-2010
National of: United Kingdom
Employment details
Organisation: Lloyds Banking Group
Job title: Relationship Manager
Occupational Sector: Banking
What has been your route to getting your current position?
After leaving University I applied for a handful of different graduate schemes and after completing the final stage assessment centre with Lloyds I got offered a place. I then spent two years on the rotational scheme before landing a permanent job as a commercial relationship manager in Edinburgh.
What does your job involve ?
I manage a portfolio of 300 SME trading clients and deal with any refinance/ repayment/ lending needs. We are a team of 15 and also deal with stakeholder management.
What are the best bits of your job ?
Although I'm in the same office, everyday throws up something new. The variety is really good. For example yesterday I was helping everyone get set up with computer switchboxes. Today I'm sorting out country risk exposure, which gets reported to the Bank of England!
Why were you successful?
Getting on the grad scheme was just hard work and research prior to each stage of the application process. In terms of landing a job in Edinburgh, that was definitely down to building contacts in the business as I went along as well as advising directors and heads of department which sort of work I would like to get involved in.
What skills/ knowledge from your degree have you found particularly helpful in this role?
Funnily enough, working is completely different to life as a student. My degree gave me the understanding of the business dynamics. But I found the real challenge is having brilliant IT skills and also getting along well with your colleagues. The politics of office life is alive and well.
What advice would you give to students wishing to follow the same path?
I can recommend commercial banking in terms of still having a life. Lloyds promotes work/life balance so I find I still have time in the evenings to catch up with friends. My hours rarely see me work beyond 6 and I think long hours is ultimately detrimental to your wellbeing. Working for a bank in London is a bit more full on so I prefer Edinburgh. Social life at work is good, we have a social calendar where we go bowling, play table tennis, go for wine tasting etc.