Lorna Dargan

  • Lorna is responsible for the overall leadership, strategy, and service delivery of the Careers Centre, as well as providing leadership within the institution around student and graduate employability and career management. She works closely with other university services, including CAPOD, Development, and Admissions, to deliver a joined-up approach to employability.
  • Lorna also manages the Careers Centre staff working in career guidance/advice, enterprise, communications, and international opportunities.
  • Nationally, Lorna is an active member of AGCAS (Association of Graduate Careers Advisory Services. She is a member of the AGCAS Professionalism Working Party, which focuses on the AGCAS quality agenda and defining professional standards; and is a trainer on the AGCAS/University of Warwick course ‘Guidance Skills (Advanced)’.

Assistant Director (Career Management)

Careers advisers

While our careers advisers have sector and school-based specialisms, all are experienced at advising students and graduates on many career-related topics.  These might include career direction, diversity & equality (including disability-related issues) postgraduate study or advice on CVs, applications and interviews.

You can make an appointment with any careers adviser via our reception team.


Shona Mach

Deputy Director/Careers Adviser

Subject areas

Pam Andrew
Pamela Andrew

Careers Adviser


Subject areas

Careers Adviser
Dr. Bhavya Rao

Careers Adviser

Subject areas

In addition, Bhavya is a member of the CAPOD team (Centre for Academic, Professional and Organisational Development), helping to deliver career skills development courses, with a focus on postgrads and postdocs in the physical sciences.

Miguel Rodriguez

Careers Adviser

Subject areas

Bonnie Hacking

Enterprise & Employability Adviser

Bonnie offers:

  • Advice for self-employment and starting your own business options, for students and graduates of any subject
  • Enterprise and entrepreneurship education, teaching MN2112 Enterprise & Creativity in the School of Management and running a variety of extra-curricular workshops and seminars.

As part of Student Enterprise, she works closely with SIE and other support organisations, offering a range of competitions and events to encourage students and graduates to find and develop good ideas and the skills necessary to turn them into successful ventures.

CV Advisers

Our team of professionally trained CV Advisers offer weekday appointments for students wanting advice or feedback on CV and Covering letters.

CV Adviser appointments can be booked on CareerConnect.


Sam Ross
Sam Ross

CV Adviser

  • Sam is one of the Careers Centre's five CV Advisers.

Rebecca Munro
Rebecca Munro

CV Adviser

  • Rebecca is one of the Careers Centre's five CV Advisers.

Flaminia Incecchi

CV Adviser

  • Flaminia is one of the Careers Centre's five CV Advisers.

Anna Harris

CV Adviser

  • Anna is one of the Careers Centre's five CV Advisers.

Miriam Eyre

CV Adviser

  • Miriam is one of the Careers Centre's five CV Advisers.

International opportunities team

Kristyn Emmer, Careers Adviser
Kristyn Emmer

North American Opportunities Manager

Kristyn is responsible for:

  • developing new career resources for North American students and alumni.
  • coordinating networking and career events for North American students and alumni.
  • growing opportunities for students interested in working and living in North America.
  • providing visa information for working/starting a business in the UK/abroad after graduation.

Ellen Wei

Asian & PGT Opportunities Manager

Ellen is responsible for:

  • developing new career resources for Asian students and alumni.
  • coordinating networking and career events for Asian students and Alumni.
  • providing visa information for working/starting a business in the UK/abroad after graduation.
  • working with admissions and student services to improve postgraduate student experience.

Support staff

Pamela Small

Employer Liaison Coordinator/Finance and Office Administrator

  • Pamela has extensive experience working with and building relationships with employers and organisations to help raise their profiles on campus and provide assistance with recruitment needs.
  • She is responsible for organising the events programmes over both semesters – providing information on the types of events which can be organised on and off campus, including Presentations, Skills Workshops, Fairs.
  • She is one of the administrators of CareerConnect – the Careers Centre online vacancy service and events and appointments system and is responsible for finance/admin matters in the office.

Tracey Dall

Information Manager

Tracey is responsible for:

  • the overall management of the Careers Centre website. 
  • the management, development and updating of all careers information resources - both paper-based and online.
  • managing the work experience and graduate case studies databases; editing and approving profiles. 
  • purchasing and cataloguing of the Careers Centre books which are kept in the University Library.
  • managing and administering the Careers Centre Internship Experience Certificate.
  • co-ordinating the ordering of  bulk copies of publications.
  • managing maintenance and new operator access rights within CareerConnect.


Morag Fraser
Morag Fraser

Student Connections Facilitator

  • Morag takes care of Saint Connect, identifying and recruiting new members for all students and alumni to get in touch with.
  • She is responsible for the content posted to all the groups, sourcing items of interest to share to the community.
  • She facilitates networking, making connections in the wider world to inspire and assist  people in making a start across all the areas of interest to St Andrews students and alumni.
  • Morag also works on bringing inspiring Alumni and employers to St Andrews virtually, taking care of Alumni InSights and virtual events at large.