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Vitae: professional development for researchers

The University of St Andrews is an organisational member of Vitae, the global leader in the professional development of researchers. Vitae works with institutions striving for excellence in development and career support for research staff and students.  (Vitae is managed by CRAC, a not-for-profit organisation with 45 years’ experience in enhancing the skills and careers of researchers.)

The Vitae website [] has a wealth of resources and advice tailored specifically to you as a researcher, whether your ambition is to stay within or move outside academia. All our staff and students get full access to the Vitae website as part of our subscription.  To access the full range of resources on the website you must register using your St Andrews email address.  Note that you should create a new password for the Vitae website - do not use your St Andrews email password!  If you already have an RDF Planner account, you can use the same login details. Note that registering to use the resources on the website is not the same as registering for the online planner (see below).

CAPOD has a number of licenses for Vitae's online Researcher Development Framework Planner, which helps you to identify strengths and areas for development, action plan, review achievements and create a portfolio of evidence as part of your professional development.  Email if you would like to apply for an RDF Planner license. (Do not request access to the Planner from the Vitae website; if you do you will not get free access via our institutional subscription.)

Here are some of Vitae’s most popular resources for researchers:

You will need to register (see above) and then login to the Vitae website to access some these resources.


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