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Professional Conduct and Saints Sponsio

At matriculation every student signs a code of conduct, including swearing to a Latin oath known as the Sponsio Academica, a version of which is still in use at all of Scotland’s ancient universities. There are seven core principles at the heart of the St Andrews code of conduct:  honesty, integrity, reliability, punctuality, politeness, tolerance and mutual support. 

Under the current Enhancement Theme, set by the Quality Assurance Agency, Universities across Scotland are being invited to examine how they can better support student transitions.  The University is committed to supporting students in making the transition from Student to Professional.

Awareness Campaign 2015

In autumn of 2015 students and staff participated in an awareness campaign to bring these principles to life.  This included a set of themed posters , photo competition and display in the library.  Throughout the campaign staff and students expressed the sentiments of the principles in text and image.

Saints sponsio campaign

The Saints Sponsio campaign was supported by the Students' Association, CAPOD, Careers Centre, Student Ambassadors, Principal's Office, Student Services, and a wide range of other colleagues and students. The aims of the campaign remain current, and there will be ongoing activity to promote professional conduct within the University community.

Further resources

Students can complete an online workshop in Professional Conduct through the Professional Skills Curriculum. This aims to raise awareness of the importance of professional behaviours in the workplace, and demonstrate the significance of this as an integral element of employability.

As part of the awareness campaign, students shared relevant articles and resources on social media through the hashtag #saintsponsio.

You can explore these on Facebook.