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Online Training Resources

The GRADskills Programme is a suite of workshops, networking events and activities specifically designed for research postgraduate students.  However, we realise that you will not always be able to attend face-to-face workshops and events.  For that reason, in order to give you access to development opportunities at a time and place that suit you, we have a range of online training courses and other resources available.

The University is an organisational member of Vitae, so you have free access to Vitae's researcher development materials.

Research/Teaching Skills (Epigeum courses)

Epigeum is a leading provider of online training programmes for higher education.  They create new programmes by getting academics from a consortium of universities to develop the content, thereby ensuring that it is relevant and fit-for-purpose.  CAPOD subscribes to two Epigeum programmes (Research Skills Master Programme / University and College Teaching) that may be of interest to research postgraduate students.

Find out more about how to access Epigeum courses through CAPOD.

Networking (Kintish courses)

Kintish is a leading provider of networking courses for businesses and higher education.  Learning how to network effectively is an important skill for academic and non-academic careers.  CAPOD subscribes to Kintish's suite of four e-learning courses on How To Become a More Effective and Confident Networker.

Find out more about how to access Kintish courses through CAPOD.

GRADskills Moodle course

The GRADskills Resources course in Moodle (the University’s Virtual Learning Environment) contains a range of materials such as:

  • Videos on working effectively with your supervisor and preparing for the viva.
  • Links to a wide range of other free, online resources such as the Research Data Management course MANTRA.
  • Presentations and handouts from some of the face-to-face workshops (if the presenter permits).

To get added to the GRADskills Resources Moodle course just email:

Careers Centre website

The Careers Centre website has information for PhD researchers, including:

  • Conducting your research
  • Do I want an academic career?
  • Alternatives to academia
  • Support and career development


Dr Heather McKiggan-Fee
Educational & PG Researcher Developer 

T: (01334) 467198

Postgraduate communities

- St Leonard’s College
- Postgraduate Society

Sources of support

- Research postgraduate policy
- Research Ethics
- Equality and Diversity Inclusion
- HR Excellence in Research
- Additional sources of support
- Careers Centre (for PGRs)