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GRADskills Postgraduate X-Change seminars

Please note that operation of the PG X-change seminars will be moving to St Leonard's College in semester 2.

This event is an opportunity for PhD students from all Schools and at any year of study to present their work to an interdisciplinary audience.  Taught PGs are welcome to attend.  There are 3 speakers at each X-change (15 minutes plus 5 minutes Q&A), 12-1pm, and the whole event is chaired by a PhD student.  Every seminar is followed by a free networking lunch from 1-2pm for all participants (including the audience).  To request a place on any of the X-changes sign up as normal using the University's online booking system.

The audience plays a huge part in the success of the X-Change and in order to help reach its full potential, we ask that the audience be prepared to ask questions and provide feedback.

Chairing or Presenting at an X-change

If you want to present at or chair an X-change, please register your interest well in advance(see below for details). Three Presenters and one Chair will be selected and notified by email. We welcome presentations on work in progress or methodologies, so we will accept requests at any stage of the PhD.

Register interest in chairing or presenting

You need to send an email to with all the information listed below AND book a place on the event using the online booking system:

  • Title, First name, Last name

  • School (and Department, if applicable)

  • St Andrews email address

  • Whether you wish to Chair or Present

  • A short biography (eg where you’re from, year and subject of study)

  • If you wish to present, please provide:

    • The title of your talk;

    • A short (max 250 words) description of your talk.

Please indicate if you have a preference for a particular X-change date (eg you want to present at a particular X-change in order to practice for a departmental seminar), or if there are X-change dates that you cannot attend. If you aren’t selected for your preferred X-change date, we will try to ensure you chair/present at the next X-change.

Benefits of the X-Change

As most research postgraduate students will be expected to give conference talks, speeches and interviews at some point, this is an ideal opportunity to get some experience of communicating your research to the 'public'.  Gain valuable experience and feedback from peers and develop new contacts / collaborations you may never have thought of otherwise!

  • Opportunity to gain experience of 'chairing' a whole event;

  • Present your research to the 'public' (non-subject specific);

  • Good preparation for conferences and other events;

  • Gain valuable experience and feedback from peers;

  • Trigger new research interests;

  • Create new perspectives on a given issue;

  • Network and develop new collaborations;

  • Learn about something new.

Comments from previous participants

  • Gave me some ideas for presentations of my own;

  • Engaging presentations from various fields;

  • Chairing it was a great experience - thanks;

  • Presentations skills - seeing others present their research in a way that is interesting to the audience;

  • Variety of topics was well chosen/distributed;

  • It is really good to organise such events because students can experience and learn things on presenting in a conference. 

  • Also good for networking;

  • It isn't too long and offers an interdisciplinary insight!



Dr Heather McKiggan-Fee
Educational & PGR Developer
T: (01334) 462334

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