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Additional sources of support

In addition to CAPOD, there are many other people around the University who are available to provide support, guidance and advice to help ensure that your research postgraduate experience is as fulfilling as possible.‌Imange to represent the balancing between all the areas.

  • Dr Bhavya Rao is an adviser in the Careers Centre; he has a particular focus on supporting postgrads and postdocs.  The Careers website also has pages with information specifically for researchers.
  • The Academic Liaison Librarian team can provide subject-specific support on literature searching, book selection, referencing software, and using all the library resources and online material.
  • The Registry Student Support team provide advice and support for all matters relating to changes of circumstance, such as Leave of Absence, Withdrawal, Mode of Attendance (part/full time study) and Fieldwork.
  • The School of English Language Teaching provide free language support for students (postgraduate and undergraduate) who are users of English as a second or additional language.  See: In-sessional English Language Service.
  • The Chaplaincy provides a place for worship, but also a place to meet with friends and colleagues.  The Chaplain is available to anyone connected with the University to discuss any matter of concern (whether personal, practical or spiritual) on a confidential basis.St Leonards College
  • The Postgraduate Society has a Postgraduate President and a Postgraduate Convenor who work to provide a range of social events and to represent the postgraduate community within the University governance.  Elections are held for these positions each academic year.
  • St Leonard’s College represents the community of postgraduates at the University. Its mission is to promote a culture and environment in which scholarship, creativity and discovery will flourish.
  • And not to forget the support within your own School or Department: your supervisor, second supervisor, and the Director of Postgraduate Studies.

You should never feel as though you have to struggle on your own with a problem.  There is always someone available to help, no matter what your problem might be.


Dr Heather McKiggan-Fee
Educational & PG Researcher Developer 

T: (01334) 467198

Postgraduate communities

- St Leonard’s College
- Postgraduate Society

Sources of support

- Research postgraduate policy
- Research Ethics
- Equality and Diversity Inclusion
- HR Excellence in Research
- Additional sources of support
- Careers Centre (for PGRs)